Cowell suppported my decision to leave his label: Leona Lewis

`Bleeding Love` singer Leona Lewis has revealed music mogul Simon Cowell was supportive of her decision to leave his record label.

Cowell was `supportive` of record label move, says Lewis

Singer Leona Lewis says music mogul Simon Cowell, who discovered her, was "supportive" of her decision to leave his record label.

Leona Lewis leaves Simon Cowell label

Singer Leona Lewis has left Simon Cowell`s record label Syco. The 29-year-old `Bleeding In Love` hitmaker has departed the Sony imprint seven years after signing a deal with them, following her win on `The X Factor` back in 2006, reportedly.

Leona Lewis shares beauty products with horse

Singer Leona Lewis is a fan of coconut-based cosmetics and she is so impressed with the results that they give her, that she has also started using them on her pet.

Leona Lewis doesn`t like nieces mimic Rihanna, Miley Cyrus

Singer-songwriter Leona Lewis says she doesn`t like it when her young nieces mimic Rihanna and Miley Cyrus` raunchy dance moves.

Leona Lewis thinks fatherhood will make Simon Cowell soft

The `Bleeding Love` hitmaker Leona Lewis thinks music mogul, Simon Cowell, will be a "good dad" when girlfriend Lauren Silverman gives birth to his first son next year.

Leona Lewis to make her film debut next year

Pop star Leona Lewis is set to make her debut on the big screen next year with a musical, ‘Holiday’.

I`d choose a global ban on animal testing over my singing career, says Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis, who is known for her nice girl reputation, has revealed that she would rather see a worldwide ban on animal testing than carry on her singing career.

Leona Lewis compares beauty with game

Singer Leona Lewis thinks beauty is like a game and she likes to play around with her hair and makeup products.

I will adopt kids, says Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis has revealed that she is keen to adopt kids after she came to know that her mother- Maria- lived in a children`s home in Wales.

Leona Lewis launches blog to connect with her fans

Singer Leona Lewis has teamed up with her best friend Maloy to launch a blog that will connect her with fans instantly.

Leona Lewis throws fancy dress party

Singer Leona Lewis, who turns 28 Wednesday, hosted an early house party here.

Leona Lewis unveils sparkling Body Shop line

Singer Leona Lewis` limited editon make-up and fragrance range for The Body Shop will be full of sparkle.

Leona Lewis named The Body Shop brand activist

Vegetarian singer Leona Lewis has been announced as the new brand activist for ethical beauty retailer The Body Shop.

I will never quit UK, says singer Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis says that she will never quit UK. She is proud to be a Londoner.

Leona Lewis fails to make Top 200 with new single `Lovebird`

Leona Lewis`s latest single has failed to reach the Top 200.

Leona Lewis slams female artists for acts ``verging on porn``

Leona Lewis says female pop stars who make sexually provocative videos need to "have some self respect".

Leona Lewis back with ex-boyfriend?

Singer Leona Lewis has reportedly patched up with dancer ex-boyfriend Dennis Jauch.

Liam Payne works on fitness for Leona Lewis

Liam Payne is working hard on his fitness, and he wants to be in perfect shape for a holiday with his reported girlfriend Leona Lewis around Christmas.

When it comes to love, age no bar for Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis, 27, is rumoured to be dating Liam Payne, 19. She believes age is no criteria for love.