Cosy ties between UK press, political class: Leveson inquiry

The Leveson Inquiry is broadcast live and attracts an influential and international audience.

UK bank scandal: Labour for Leveson-style probe

British Prime Minister David Cameron termed the interest rate-fixing scandal as "appalling" and "outrageous".

No deal with Murdoch, insists Cameron

British Premier David Cameron, under fire for his closeness to Rupert Murdoch, was grilled at a public inquiry where he denied entering into any deal.

UK media waged vendetta against Cherie: Tony Blair

Former British prime minister Tony Blair said coverage of his family showed a fundamental problem with the press.

Cameron texted `lots of love` to Brooks?

Rebekah Brooks was arrested for allegations of perjury and in relation to phone-hacking scandal.

Number of victims of UK phone-hacking likely 829

British police on Monday said there were
829 likely victims of phone-hacking by newspapers.

‘UK tabloid right to publish Beckham affair’

Neville Thurlbeck told the Leveson public inquiry that the story of Beckham affair was clearly in
the public interest.

JK Rowling, Sienna Miller to testify at Leveson Inquiry

Harry Potter author JK Rowling and actress Sienna Miller are set to record the evidence about their experiences of media intrusion to the Leveson Inquiry.