NATO ends victorious 7-month Libya mission

NATO`s triumphant, 7-month air campaign against Libya ended on Monday.

NATO chief hails end of Libya mission

NATO`s top official on Monday praised the alliance`s seven-month sea and air campaign in Libya.

NATO to end Libya mission on October 31

NATO does not expect to play a major role in Libya in the post-conflict period.

Mission in Libya nearing completion: NATO chief

NATO`s mission in Libya could be concluded soon, Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said.

NATO mission to continue in Libya

NATO would remain engaged in
Libya till the time its mission of protecting the civilians is accomplished and this has not been achieved yet, the US has said.

West will end Libyan conflict: Obama

The US and France are united in their resolve to finish the job in Libya.

US lawmakers contest Obama`s right to Libya mission

US President has asked Congress for continued support of Libyan operations.

Libya mission saved `countless` lives: Obama

US President tells Americans that Libyan military mission is clear, focused.

US pressures allies to take Libya mission now

Robert Gates said allied mission in Libya was clear but the outcome was not.

Obama shortens his Latin America trip

US President Barack Obama is
ending his current trip to Latin America by a few hours so as to concentrate on the military operations in Libya with his national security advisors.

Hague under fire for botched Libya mission

A botched special forces mission into Libya has left British Foreign secretary William Hague red faced as he came under fire after he admitted to a "serious misunderstanding" that led to the team being held captive by the rebels.