Two million people affected by Libyan violence

 The UN humanitarian agency estimates that the deteriorating security situation in Libya has affected nearly two million people across the north African country, a United Nations spokesman said.

10 Libya troops killed in clashes with jihadists: Army

Jihadist gunmen clashed today with Libyan troops in Benghazi, killing 10 soldiers, as the Islamists tried to advance on an airport in the eastern city, the army said.

Libyan armed faction takes over US Embassy annex in Tripoli

 Members of a Libyan militia have taken over an abandoned annex of the US Embassy in Tripoli but have not broken into the main compound where the United States evacuated all of its staff last month, US officials said on Sunday.

Armed Libyans hand airport to police, ready or not

Libyan Interior Ministry spokesman said some of former rebels protecting the airport were meeting with a top police official to discuss future plans.

Weapons proliferation `key concern` in Libya: US

Libya`s new interim leader met the most senior US official to visit Tripoli since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi.

Deadline expires for Gaddafi forces to surrender

World police body Interpol has called for the fugitive Muammar Gaddafi`s arrest for crimes against humanity.

Libya`s interim leaders under fire over governance

Hundreds of people have marched in Benghazi calling for a shake-up of Libya`s new leadership.

World leaders unblock $15 bn for Libya rebels

NATO has vowed to continue its six-month operation in Libya for as long as the civilian population was in danger.

Russia officially recognises Libya rebels

World leaders were to meet in the French capital to plot Libya`s post-Gaddafi future.

Libya rebels may be killing black workers: AU head

AU head says, Libyan rebels have confused innocent migrant
workers with mercenaries.

Libya rebels tighten noose on Gaddafi bastion

Libyan rebels have closed in on Muammar Gaddafi`s hometown of Sirte from both east and west.

Libya rebels reject Gaddafi`s offer to talk

Rejecting an offer by Gaddafi to negotiate rebels said they captured the eastern town of Bin Jawwad.

Tripoli faces severe shortages of food, fuel

Rebel fighters have pushed increasingly leaderless regime gunmen to the outskirts of Tripoli.

Libya rebels say "close in" on Gaddafi

Leaders of the NTC, which has Western support, pressed foreign governments to release Libyan funds frozen abroad.

Rebels zero in on Libya`s Zawiyah refinery

After 41 years of supreme power, 69-year-old Gaddafi seems isolated.

Libya`s Gaddafi predicts swift end for rebels

Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi has predicted a swift end for the rats and the coloniser.

Libya rebels chase Gaddafi cells

Libyan rebels have rounded up at least 63 people in an ongoing bid to tighten security in Benghazi.

Mystery over killing of Libyan rebel army head

Residents worried that the death of Abdel-Fattah Younis could shatter their military.

Libya rebels set up Paris, London envoys

France and Britain are taking part in NATO-coordinated strikes against Gaddafi`s military assets.

Libya wants more talks with US and rebels

Muammar Gaddafi clings to power despite 5 months of civil conflict and a NATO bombing campaign.