25 percent of diabetics worldwide live in China

A new study has revealed that 1 in 4 people with diabetes worldwide live in China.

Diabetes drug may even benefit non-diabetics

A study involving over 180,000 people has shown that patients treated with the widely prescribed diabetic drug metformin can live longer than non-diabetics.

Mental illnesses can reduce life expectancy more than heavy smoking

An analysis by Oxford University psychiatrists has shown that serious mental illnesses reduce life expectancy by 10-20 years - a loss of years that`s equivalent to or worse than that for heavy smoking.

Y chromosome`s loss linked to shorter life expectancy and higher cancer risk for men

Researchers have shown a correlation between a loss of the Y chromosome in blood cells and both a shorter life span and higher mortality from cancer in other organs.

Wait for 20 years to win a Nobel prize!

Considering the fact about the time dilation in Nobel Prize Awards, a study found that expiring laureates may die waiting for their medal.

Lower life expectancy for obese teenagers: Study

Those who were overweight or obese as teenagers are likely to die early as life expectancy gains over the last 50 years have not been to their benefit, a research reveals.

Eliminating maternal mortality could improve women`s life expectancy in developing countries

Eliminating maternal mortality, which is defined as the deaths related to pregnancy, would result in a gain of over a half year in life expectancy worldwide, according to a new study.

MS patients experience decrease in life expectancy: Study

A large scale study in the US on the mortality of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) has provided us with new info about the life expectancy of people with the disease.

Blood test can predict life expectancy: Study

An inexpensive blood test can predict who is at a higher risk of developing heart problems and can also give their expectant life span, says a study.

World Bank urged to redefine life expectancy

A recent public health report has urged the World Bank to redefine life expectancy starting from the time of conception and not the time of birth.

Double mastectomy may not boost life expectancy

Women suffering from cancer in one breast, and having their healthy breast removed are not going to enjoy increased life expectancy, a new study has suggested.

Life expectancy gap growing between rich and poor world women: WHO

Life expectancy for women at 50 has improved, but the gap between poor and rich countries is growing, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday.

Continuing to smoke after 70 can make you lose 4 yrs of your life

A new study has claimed that smokers who survive till the age of 70 still lose 4 years of life if they continue with the habit.

Less active female mice tend to live longer

A new study has found that female mice with greater life expectancy are less active and less explorative than their fellow females with lower life expectancy.

Stressful job might take life

A stressful job can change the way body handles fat, resulting in raised cholesterol levels and even a heart disease, almost fatal for anyone.

Global health policy `undermining men`s health`

Men experience a higher burden of disease and lower life expectancy than women, but policies focusing on the health needs of men are notably absent from the strategies of global health organizations.

Large dogs age faster, die younger: Study

Large dog breeds like the great danes apparently die younger because they age faster than small pups, like chihuahuas, a new study has claimed.

Length of DNA strands can predict life expectancy of heart patients

Researchers have been able to predict survival rates among patients with heart disease based on the length of strands of DNA found on the ends of chromosomes known as telomeres.

India lagging behind neighbours on key parameters of health: Report

India appears to be lagging behind many of its South Asian neighbours as well as China on key parameters of health, a report has said.

5 easy ways to add extra years to your life

Cutting down on smoke, limiting alcohol intake, eating a healthy diet and regular exercise are few ways that could add extra years to your life.