`US should push for nuke stability talks between India, Pak`

An expert on South Asia has requested the Obama administration to push for Indo-Pak nuclear stability talks, and convince China to halt further civil nuclear sales to Islamabad until the NSG develops consensus on the matter.

`Pak military deliberately ratcheting up tension with India`

Pakistan military is deliberately ratcheting up tension with India to prevent any meaningful peace talks and demonstrate that it still calls the shots on bilateral ties, an eminent American expert has said.

Pakistan must act on 26/11, says US expert

The arrest of a key handler of Pakistani terrorists who struck Mumbai is a "tremendous breakthrough" in India`s 26/11 probe, a US expert has said.

`Afridi`s sentence makes mockery of law in Pak`

An American expert said the prosecution of Shakil Afridi reflects poorly on Pakistan`s counter-terrorism credentials.

‘India should partner US in countering China’

India should come more closure
with the US to deter any Chinese aggression and influence, a
noted American expert said here.

Greater clarity needed on Pak`s Afghan role: US expert

Lisa Curtis insists that Islamabad cannot be allowed to play "spoiler".

US needs to scrap July 2011 Afghan deadline: Curtis

An expert describes the leadership of Gen David Petraues as reassuring.

Pakistan could help turn tide in Afghanistan: Scholar

After months of mounting frustration with Islamabad over its unwillingness to crack down on Afghan Taliban leaders finding sanctuary on its soil, Pakistan finally appears to be coming through with cooperation.

US should build on Pak willingness to nail Afghan Taliban: Expert

The US should build on Pakistan`s fresh willingness to co-operate against the Afghan Taliban, feels an expert on South Asian affairs.

Pak seeks to provoke military conflict with India: US expert

Pakistan`s denial over the terrorism issue poses the single greatest threat to establishing peace in South Asia, says a US expert pointing to Islamabad`s lack of action against Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) terror outfit.

Kerry plan on Afghanistan lacks boldness: Expert

The long-winding debate in America in formulating its new Af-Pak strategy is costing US credibility with its NATO allies and is also confusing both Afghanistan and Pakistan, a noted expert said on Thursday.

‘Death of Mehsud a boon for fight against terrorism’

The death of Tehreek-e-Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud is a major victory of Pakistan and the US-led international community`s fight against terrorism, an noted American expert on South Asia said on Saturday.

Now Pakistan can’t oppose drone attacks

With the almost certain death of Baitullah Mehsud, the leader of Pakistani Taliban, a leading American South Asian expert on Saturday said Islamabad can now no longer oppose the use of drones by the United States.