Live broadcast is intimidating: Christopher Walken
Live broadcast is intimidating: Christopher Walken

Veteran actor Christropher Walken, who is set to perform in a children's play live on US TV this month, says live brodcast scares him.

Now, see live broadcast on giant pandas

Starting this August, internet users around the world will be able to watch live round-the-clock broadcast of giant pandas living in a breeding centre in southwest China`s Sichuan province.

Mini camera allows `lifeloggers` to broadcast their lives online

A growing band of ‘lifeloggers’ record every single day in minute detail and store it digitally for future reference, using a mini camera that takes a photo every 30 seconds and uploads it onto the net.

Mars rover landing to be broadcast live

NASA`s Curiosity rover will land on the Martian surface at 0531 GMT Aug 6 and the landing process will be broadcast live from the New York City.

Court plans live broadcast of Khmer Rouge verdict

The verdict in the trial of Khmer
Rouge prison chief Duch will be broadcast live across Cambodia
when it is delivered later this month, the UN-backed court
said on Thursday.