Organ Donation: Does India lack will?

Not everyone is lucky enough to receive an organ donation as it is still considered a taboo in India due to many religious misbeliefs.

Supercooled livers are a transplant boost

A new "supercooling" technique keeps rat livers alive three times longer than before, boosting hopes for easing shortages of human transplant organs, scientists said today.

Urine test to detect alcohol use by liver transplant recipients

Liver transplant recipients who relapse to alcohol have a poorer survival rate than abstinent patients, medical evidence suggests.

`India emerging as liver transplant hub`

India is emerging as a global hub for liver transplant with expanded medical facilities, an expert said here Friday.

3D-printed replica for a safe liver transplant created

The 3D-printed liver replicas, made of transparent material threaded with coloured arteries and veins, could help surgeons prevent complications while performing liver transplants or removing tumours, a path-breaking research shows.

Pak girl gets fresh lease of life in Indian hospital

It`s a rebirth for 16-year-old Pakistani girl Madiha Tariq Sheikh, who feels India is her "own country" where she underwent a successful liver transplant surgery.

World first: Liver kept alive outside human body

A donated human liver has been kept alive, warm and functioning outside a human body for the first time in medical history.

UAE launches campaign against Hepatitis C

The UAE has launched a nationwide awareness campaign to encourage residents to be screened for Hepatitis C.

New approach could reverse liver failure

Poisoning from mushrooms or drugs is one of the main causes of this serious liver disease.

Liver transplant in India saves Yemeni boy

The Malek family from Yemen had lost all hope when nine-year-old Abdul was diagnosed with the same liver disease that had killed his two siblings.

Innovative liver surgery saves 2-year-old Omani girl

An Omani girl suffering from acute liver failure was given a new life by Chennai doctors through an innovative procedure called auxiliary liver transplant.

Baby`s life saved with liver transplant

The life of a less-than-a-year-old cancer-hit baby was saved when doctors transplanted the liver of a 37-year-old man in her.

Now, a machine to keep donor livers `alive`!

British scientists claim to have developed a machine which could keep donor livers "alive" outside human body.

Indian, Pakistani surgeons conduct historic liver transplant

The living donor liver transplantation was performed at Lahore`s Shiekh Zayed Hospital on Friday.

Live liver donors have troubles years later: Study

People who have donated part of their liver for transplant can experience physical and psychological complications years after the operation, according to a German study.

India faces huge donor crunch in liver transplants: Experts

India is facing a huge donor crunch in liver transplants -- of the nearly 20,000 needy patients, only 500 are able to get them, according to statistics available.

Liver `kills immune cells`

Scientists claim to have found that liver can kill immune cells, a finding which may pave way for new approaches to transplant rejection.

PGIMER`s first liver transplant patient dies

The patient suffered brain haemorrhage after surgery and slipped into a coma.

PGIMER`s first liver transplant patient dies

The patient suffered brain haemorrhage after surgery and slipped into a coma.

PGIMER performs its first liver transplant surgery

PGIMER in Chandigarh successfully performed its first liver transplant surgery, officials said.