London mayor Johnson plans to ditch US passport: Report

London`s flamboyant mayor Boris Johnson plans to renounce his US citizenship to prove his "commitment to Britain", the Sunday Times reported, although he denied suggestions he wanted to become prime minister during last week`s visit to the US.

Everyone living in Britain should speak English: London Mayor

The Mayor of London has said that everyone living in the UK should be able to speak English and councils should drop the "multi-culty" practice of translating information into other languages, a proposal that could hit non-English speaking immigrants residing in the country.

Tories pick London Mayor Boris Johnson to run for Parliament

London Mayor Boris Johnson was on Friday chosen by his Conservative Party as their candidate to fight for a west London seat at next year`s parliamentary election, raising the spectre of a future tilt at becoming prime minister.

London Mayor Boris has a Bieber crop for Olympics opening

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, famed for his long and messy hair style, has gone for a Justin Bieber-style haircut ahead of the Olympics.

Gandhi was wrong, says London mayor?

Johnson said `massive urbanisation` was taking
place in India, as anyone who recently visited India had seen.

Most in riots had criminal records: London mayor

London`s mayor blamed the UK`s criminal justice system for failing to turn offenders away from crime.