One year on, 16 more jailed for London riots

Sixteen people have been sentenced for a total of 73 years by a British court for their role in last year`s London riots during which they went on a violent rampage.

2011 British riots could be repeated: Survey

The killing of drug dealer and gangster Mark Duggan by police officers triggered the riots in London and other major cities last year.

UK cops fear another wave of riots?

British police fear a second wave of riots across England and are concerned they may not have the resources to cope.

Scotland Yard app targets London riot suspects

The Scotland Yard is planning to upload up to 2,800 CCTV images of people suspected of committing London riots.

UK police arrest 7 over last summer`s riots

Riots erupted August 6 in north London and flared for four nights across the capital and other English cities as street gangs and looters trashed shops and vehicles.

Dalai Lama expresses shock over London riots

A "shocked" Dalai Lama has written to Prime Minister David Cameron and expressed sadness over the massive riots in London.

Millionaire`s daughter found guilty in London riot

Described as intelligent and well-educated, Johnson drove a group and allowed to
put stolen goods in her car.

London riots: `UK police called my mother a whore’

A 21-year-old man, who was arrested during the London riots, has said that he was ‘devastated’ after the incident and wants ‘justice’.

`TV, social media fuelled London riots`

The riots were televised almost live, while social media
was abuzz with messages and images of the disturbances.

‘Harry Potter’ actor jailed for 2 years for involvement in London riots

The ‘Harry Potter’ actor who played bully Vincent Crabbe in the boy wizard’s movie series was sentenced to jail for two years on Tuesday after he was convicted of violent disorder during the London riots in August last year.

Men jailed for robbing Malaysian student in riots

Two men were jailed on Thursday after
posing as Good Samaritans to steal from an injured Malaysian student during riots in
London last year.

UK riots: Duggans complaint upheld; cops apologise

29-year-old Duggan was shot dead on August 4 last year as armed police tried to arrest him in Tottenham.

24 Indian-origin people tried for UK riots?

The 24 Indian origin suspects included 18 who appeared
before courts in London and five in the west Midlands.

Olympic qualifiers on my mind: TT coach Kucharski

With just four months left for the crucial Olympic qualifiers in April, India`s newly-appointed foreign table tennis coach Leszek Kucharski knows he has a tough task at hand but does not want to overburden himself by setting targets at this stage.

Riot-hit London area looks ahead to Olympics

The charred buildings damaged in last August`s riots stand out like black teeth on Woolwich`s central square, a stark image made all the more gruesome as the area in east London has been given a makeover in time for next year`s Olympics.

‘Harry Potter’ star charged for possessing petrol bomb during London riots

`Harry Potter’ star Jamie Waylett, who played Hogwarts bully Vincent Crabbe, has been charged for possessing a petrol bomb during the London riots.

Beckham was ‘sick and horrified’ by Britain’s summer riots

David Beckham has revealed that he was horrified over the summer riots which sparked out all over England.

UK holds 1st Olympic safety exercises since riots

British authorities are holding their first major planning exercise for the 2012 London Olympics since riots in the capital last month

Government wants Games to boost image after riots

The government aims to dispel the negative images beamed around the globe during last month`s riots by launching a business and tourist promotion centred around the 2012 London Olympics, a minister said.

Mirren compares London riots to cannibalism

Helen Mirren says the recent London riots were `terrifying`. She even compared the looting of shops and setting fire to buildings to `cannibalism`.