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Five bad habits that shorten your lifespan!

Making a few changes in your lifestyle can slow the ageing process and help you live longer.

125 years - The absolute limit of human lifespan!

Since the 1970s, the maximum duration of life - the age to which the oldest people live -- has risen.

Five scientifically-proven ways to live longer!

Making few changes in your lifetyle can help you live longer and healthier. Here are a few tricks that'll add years to your life.

Want to live longer? Restrict your calorie intake!

The researchers found that calorie restriction had a much bigger effect on metabolic outcomes than the amount of fat in the diet.

Want to live longer? Add more whole grains to your diet!

As per a new study, consuming nearly four servings of whole grains such as bran, oatmeal and quinoa a day can reduce the risk of premature death.

Global life expectancy increased by 5 years since 2000: WHO

The report states that globally life expectancy increased by 5 years between 2000 and 2015, the fastest increase since the 1960s. 

Want to live longer? Cut down your sitting time by 71 minutes!

A new study suggests that reducing sitting time at work by 71 minutes per day can have positive effect in the long.

Researchers find variable affecting long life

Using two types of statistical analysis, the researchers were able to assess the relative importance of a total of 65 different variables in predicting participants' mortality risk.

Exercise regularly to keep your heart healthy, live longer

The study revealed that even small amount of physical activities, including standing, are linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Secret to living up to 100 years of age!

The results of the study indicate that several disease variants may be absent in centenarians versus the general population.  

Digital detox: Delete partner on Facebook, get mojo back

 If you want longevity in your marital relationship, just delete your partner from your Facebook friends' list and get the romance back in life.

Brainy genes may also help you live longer

Intelligent people outlive their less clever peers because genes that make one intelligent may also be associated with a longer lifespan, according to a new study.

Why women live longer than men?

 Explaining why women live longer than men across the world, vulnerability to heart disease is the biggest culprit behind a surge in higher death rates for men during the 20th century, says a study.

Women live longer, men healthier: Study

 A new study has suggested that though women live longer, men live healthier.

A little vigorous exercise can help you live longer

If you are planning to join the gym for years and always scheduling your early morning jogging for tomorrow, make up your mind fast as a large study has found that even small amounts of vigorous activity could help reduce your risk of early death.

Being a 'loner' can pose risk to longevity

You may prefer to be a loner, but new study says that isolation is a threat to longevity.

Protein klotho can protect against Alzheimer's symptoms

 A new research has revealed that a protein linked to longevity and enhanced cognition can protect against Alzheimer's symptoms.

Altered genes may give longer life but not necessarily healthier one

In a new study, scientists have suggested that if you alter you genes to have a longer lifespan, it doesn't necessarily mean that it would be a healthier one too.

Scientists identify biological clock to predict longivity

A group of scientists has identified a biological clock that could help predict how long we live, according to a study.

India's Rio berth was crucial for longevity of Hockey India League

India's Rio berth was crucial for longevity of Hockey India League

Australian hockey team captain Mark Knowles feels India's qualification for the 2016 Rio Olympics was "crucial" for the longevity of the Hero Hockey India League (HHIL), the third edition of which will begin on Janauary 22 in Bhubaneswar.