Ashton Kutcher looking forward to family time
Ashton Kutcher looking forward to family time

Actor Ashton Kutcher says he is looking forward to spending more time with his child and fiancee Mila Kunis post 'Two and a Half Men' gets over.

I'm still looking for new lovers at 75: George Hamilton

Hollywood veteran George Hamilton is adamant that he still hopes to meet his perfect partner despite finding himself single at the age of 75.

Jessie J feels she is ‘unusual looking’

British singer Jessie J has taken a long time to feel confident about her body, and feels she is unusual looking.

Kate Hudson looking for different kind of love

Kate Hudson says that her attitude towards relationships has changed after becoming a mother.

People with symmetrical faces aren’t good looking

The myth that people with symmetrical faces are better looking has been set straight by a photographer, who studied the faces of 11 subjects.

Looking at your body can reduce pain

Most people prefer to look away when they know something is going to hurt.

Colin Firth likes looking weathered

Colin Firth likes growing old and looking weathered in real life.