When Rajendra Prasad`s pension went to govt`s calamity fund!

The pension of India`s first President Rajendra Prasad and salary of late Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri were sent to the government`s calamity fund as they refused to accept these, while Lord Mountbatten received a princely Rs 64,000 as TA/DA for returning home.

Lord Mountbatten`s James Bond-style pen gun now on auction

A James Bond-style gold-plated pen concealing a secret pistol that was gifted to India`s last viceroy Lord Mountbatten by the then maharaja of Jodhpur is now being put up for auction.

Lord Mountbatten’s security guard awaiting pension in Pakistan

The authority in Pakistan declared him dead in government documents.

Mountbatten`s daughter hails Queen`s historic handshake

Patricia Knatchbull, the daughter of Lord Mountbatten has hailed Queen Elizabeth`s historic meeting with the former militant group commander Martin McGuinness.