Water issues plague new LAX international terminal

Los Angeles International Airport is dealing with brown, contaminated water at its international terminal, which is undergoing renovations.

Man pulls out unloaded gun, causes panic at Los Angeles Airport

An arriving passenger has been arrested on suspicion of brandishing a weapon in the baggage claim area of Los Angeles International Airport`s Terminal 3, causing momentary panic.

LAX shooting suspect sent suicidal text to family before attack

Paul Anthony Ciancia is the man believed to have killed an unarmed federal security agent at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Second man charged over `prank` US airport ice bombs

A second man was charged Monday in connection with dry ice bombs planted at the Los Angeles International Airport, police said.

Man arrested over dry ice blast at Los Angeles airport

An airport employee has been arrested in connection with dry ice explosions at Los Angeles International Airport after police stepped up patrols and increased its checks on employees.

Second dry ice explosion in bathroom at LA Airport within two days

A day after a dry ice bomb in a bathroom at Los Angeles International Airport delayed four flights, another similar explosion was reported to have taken place at the airport`s Tom Bradley international Terminal on Monday.

Man with smoke grenade held at LA airport in US

Boston-bound Yongda Huang Harris, 28, was arrested Friday on suspicion of transporting hazardous materials on flight.

Parts of US airport evacuated after threat

Parts of a terminal at Los Angeles International Airport were briefly evacuated when a man made threats that turned out to be false.