1D becomes UK's first band to debut at No.1 with 3 albums
1D becomes UK's first band to debut at No.1 with 3 albums

The UK-based boy band, One Direction has scored place in the 'Guinness Book Of Records'.

`One Direction` attend Tomlinson`s mum`s wedding

Boyband One Direction took some time out of their `Where We Are` tour to celebrate band member Louis Tomlinson`s mum`s wedding.

Louis Tomlinson loses bid to buy hometown football club

One Direction star Louis Tomlison`s bid to buy his hometown football club Doncaster Rovers has fallen through because not enough money was raised through crowdfunding.

The 22-year-old singer and lifetime supporter of the cside had planned to invest money into the club and take over with former owner John Ryan, but the deal fell through before it was set to be signed off, reportedly

Louis Tomlinson`s fundraising selfies bid snubbed by fans

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson`s bid to raise 2 million pounds for his Doncaster Rovers football team by selling his selfies has been snubbed by his fans.

Louis Tomlinson charges fans 250 pounds for a photo with him?

`One Direction` star Louis Tomlinson reportedly charges fans 250 pounds a selfie with him to raise funds for his football club.

Robbie Williams advices 1D to not get caught whilst partying

Robbie Williams has told One Direction members Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson in the wake of their `dope` scandal that they should not get caught whilst partying, it has been revealed.

Louis Tomlinson to buy football club?

One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson is reportedly making plans to buy his home town football club Doncaster Rovers. The 20-year-old singer along with another investor, are said to be putting together a bid to buy the club. Tomlinson is an avid Doncaster Rovers fan, and even played a game with them earlier this year, reportedly.

1D star Louis Tomlinson under fire over use of `N-word`

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is currently facing a lot of backlash for using the 'N-word' in the controversial video of smoking weed.

Harry Styles furious with Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Mailk?

One Direction star Harry Styles is reportedly unhappy with his bandmates after footage emerged of them smoking a joint.

Louis Tomlinson hits back at parents` complaint

One Direction`s Louis Tomlinson has reacted to complaint about his band`s "sexualised" lyrics by posting a cheeky response on Twitter.

Clash in One Direction over music choices?

One Direction star Harry Styles` wants the band`s next album to be more of rock `n` roll, which is reportedly clashing with the musical plans of other members.

Will Ferrell compares himself with One Direction

Actor Will Ferrel says he his popularity among youngsters makes him believe that he is the older version of the very popular One Direction band.

Louis Tomlinson`s mother checks his email

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has revealed that he lets his mother check his emails so that she can keep up with everything that is happening in his life.

Louis Tomlinson`s mom checks his inbox daily

Louis Tomlinson`s mother makes sure she checks his email inbox everyday. Not because she doubts the 21-year-old, but because the One Direction band members has hectic travel schedules.

Louis Tomlinson wishes for normal life

Singer Louis Tomlinson is reportedly so keen to live a normal life that he is looking for career options after his band One Direction comes to an end.

Louis Tomlinson loses his voice

Louis Tomlinson has sparked fears he will miss the band`s upcoming concert after being struck down by an illness.

One Direction`s Louis Tomlinson slips on stage

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson took a tumble when he was performing on stage recently.

Fame can be lonely: Louis Tomlinson

`One Direction` singer Louis Tomlinson believes it would tough to handle fame as a solo artist.

Gay jokes on Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson on the rise

With the growing number of gay jokes about them, One Direction band members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson find themselves in an awkward situation.

Stadium tour can spin gold for One Direction

British band One Direction can reportedly earn millions from their 2014 stadium tour "Where We Are Tour" as the tickets are already sold out.