Google teams with Oxford to teach machines to think
Google teams with Oxford to teach machines to think

Google Thursday announced a partnership with artificial intelligence teams at Oxford University to teach machines to think like people.

Machines to take over humans by 2045: Physicist

Physicist Louis Del Monte has warned that humans would not be able to retain the tag of the top species on Earth after 30 years.

3-D printers raise concerns over potential misuse for developing plastic firearms

As the three-dimensional (3D) printers make artists` and hobbyists` dream a reality by allowing them to produce virtually anything from garden gnome figures to nuts and screws, analysts believe that the devices raise serious concerns about their potential misuse.

Now, machines to publish their own upgrades

Now, a technical system will enable shared understanding between machines and their users.

Mimosa `could inspire machines of the future`

Mimosa could inspire a new class of structures that can twist,harden and even repair themselves.

Coconut proves a tough tree for machines

Coconut palm still remains a tough tree to be conquered by machines even as the
land of coconut is in desperate search for one due to the grim shortage of manual climbers.

Naxals set afire vehicle, machines engaged in road making

Naxals torched two machines and a pick up vehicle engaged in road construction near here in Madhya Pradesh, police said Thurssday.

Nanotube transistor may help humans bond with machines

Scientists in the US have taken a big step toward bridging the gap between the mind and the machine.

Automatic ticket vending machines at railway stations soon

Railways have decided to install nearly 900 automatic ticket vending machines at stations across the country for the convenience of daily commuters and reduce queues at counters during rush hours.

Multi-functional drudging machines to be used for cleaning Dal

In a bid to clean the polluted Dal
Lake here, two state-of-the-art drudging machines have been
brought from Finland.