I've never considered myself smart person: Channing Tatum
I've never considered myself smart person: Channing Tatum

 Channing Tatum, who struggled dyslexia and autism in school, says he never thought of himself as intellectual.

Jada Pinkett Smith set for 'Magic Mike' sequel
Jada Pinkett Smith set for 'Magic Mike' sequel

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith is joining the cast of ‘Magic Mike’ for the film's sequel, but she won't be stripping off.

Matthew McConaughey not returning to 'Magic Mike' sequel
Matthew McConaughey not returning to 'Magic Mike' sequel

Superstar Matthew McConaughey has been confirmed that he will not be a part of 'Magic Mike XXL'.

Beyonce Knowles rejects lead role in stripper film `Chocolate City`

Beyonce Knowles has declined the lead role in the upcoming stripper movie ` Chocolate City.`

Channing Tatum shaves his head

Channing Tatum was spotted in a new shaved hairdo when he stepped out in Vancouver.

McConaughey likely not returning for Magic Mike sequel: Costar

`Magic Mike` actor Gabriel Iglesias claimed that Matthew McConaughey is likely not returning for the upcoming sequel of the film.

Alex Pettyfer celebrates `Magic Mike` themed birthday

Actor Alex Pettyfer celebrated his 24th birthday with a `Magic Mike`-inspired party in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Alex Pettyfer doesn`t want to dance on screen

`Magic Mike` star Alex Pettyfer is searching for a film role which does not require him to dance.

Excited that my baby got her first tooth: Channing Tatum

`Magic Mike` star Channing Tatum has revealed that his six-month-old daughter just got her first tooth.

40-ish Batman sought to replace fresh-faced star in `Man of Steel` sequel

Speculations are rife that the search is on for a new Batman, who would be around the age of 40 and not a fresh-faced young actor, for the ` Man of Steel` sequel.

Channing Tatum to bring `Magic Mike` live

Channing Tatum will bring his character from the movie ‘Magic Mike’ live via a Broadway musical.

Matthew McConaughey cuts hair only on full moon days

Matthew McConaughey only cuts his hair when it`s a full moon - in order to preserve his luscious locks.

Matthew McConaughey says no stunt butts were used in stripper movie

Matthew McConaughey, who stripped naked in his new movie ‘Magic Mike,’ has revealed that it was all him in the movie and no stunt voices or stunt butts were used.

Channing Tatum ready to strip off in front of the camera once again

Actor Channing Tatum has confirmed that another `Magic Mike` movie is already in the making.

Topless scene in Magic Mike didn’t feel gratuitous, says Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn, who did not flash her flesh all alone on the sets of ‘Magic Mike’, has revealed that she was perfectly okay with it.

Olivia Munn loves watching co-stars dance naked in new flick

Olivia Munn has revealed that she used to cancel everything and go to watch Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey dancing naked.

Stripping is addictive: Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey, who stars in the upcoming film ‘Magic Mike’, says he enjoyed dressing on-screen down for a song.

Presley`s granddaughter to star in `Magic Mike`

Late singer Elvis Presley`s grand-daughter Riley Keough has reportedly bagged the leading lady`s role in Steven Soderbergh`s ‘Magic Mike’ -- a film about male strippers.