Magnets can control heat and sound

In a first, researchers from the Ohio State University have discovered how to control heat with a magnetic field.

This protein helps birds traverse via magnetic field
This protein helps birds traverse via magnetic field

Researchers have revealed that protein, called Cryptochrome, helps birds traverse such great distances via magnetic field.

Protein helps birds to navigate via magnetic field: Study

Researchers have found that a magnetically sensitive protein called Cryptochrome that mediates circadian rhythms in plants and animals helps birds to sense the earth's magnetic field and use it to navigate over long distances. 

Sun's magnetic field controls heliosphere's shape much more than previously thought

A new study of the solar system suggests that astrophysical jets are driven by the sun.

Origin of magnetic field covering Sun discovered
Origin of magnetic field covering Sun discovered

A team of scientists has discovered the origin of the magnetic field covering the Sun.

Antarctic seals may use Earth's magnetic field to navigate
Antarctic seals may use Earth's magnetic field to navigate

Antarctic seals may use the Earth's magnetic field as a natural GPS while hunting, a new study has found.

Nasal hair-inspired material can manipulate water, light

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created a new material with micro human hairs that move in response to a magnetic field.

Now, microrobots inspired by sperm

Researchers have developed sperm-inspired microrobots, which can be controlled by oscillating weak magnetic fields.

How black holes are formed

A partnership of the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country, Ikerbasque and the CSIC-Spanish National Research Council is participating in the detecting, for the first time, of circular light coming from a recently created black hole.

Magnetic fingerprint of our galaxy revealed

Researchers have created a map using data from the Planck Space Telescope.

Scientists say destructive solar blasts narrowly missed Earth in 2012

Fierce solar blasts that could have badly damaged electrical grids and disabled satellites in space narrowly missed Earth in 2012, US researchers said on Wednesday.

Dogs` favourite bathroom position revealed

Dogs across a variety of breeds align their body axis with the Earth`s magnetic field when relieving themselves, researchers have revealed.

Sun`s magnetic field reverses polarity

The sun`s magnetic field has now undergone a total reversal of its polarity, which marks Solar Cycle 24`s midpoint, which is going to be completed in 11 years time, NASA has revealed.

ESA`s Swarm satellites in orbit to help understand earth`s magnetic field

The Swarm satellites have completed its first critical phase of their new mission, reaching a significant milestone for ESA`s magnetic field mission.

European satellites launched to eye Earth`s magnetic field

The European Space Agency on Friday launched three satellites it hopes will help understand why the magnetic field that makes human life possible on Earth appears to be weakening.

Flip in Sun`s polarity to cause solar storms

Scientists have revealed that the magnetic field of the Sun is expected to reverse polarity within the next three weeks, which could have a huge effect on our solar system.

Watch Videos: Sun`s magnetic field about to flip upside down

Our sun`s vast magnetic field is about to flip upside down which will affect the entire solar system, says NASA.

Sun`s magnetic field close to flipping

Scientists have said that the Sun`s magnetic field will flip soon.

Milky Way `swallows gas clouds wrapped in magnetic field` to give birth to stars

Milky Way may have been swallowing "pills" - clouds of gas with a magnetic wrapper - to keep creating stars for the past eight billion years.

Ex missile-tracking telescope reveals baby pulsar`s fate

A radio telescope that was once used to keep track of ballistic missiles has helped astronomers to find how the magnetic field structure and rotation of the young and rapidly rotating Crab pulsar evolves with time.