CIA lied about torture, suggests Senate report

When CIA interrogators were torturing accused Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed at a secret prison in Poland in March 2003, a top CIA analyst asked them to show him a photograph of an alleged terrorist named Majid Khan.

Abu Salem seeks bail, court adjourns plea for November 7

Delhi court adjourn till November 7 the hearing on a bail plea of gangster Abu Salem, who is facing trial for allegedly demanding Rs 5 crore as protection money from a businessman here in 2002.

Busy Imran declines PCB invite, Miandad may come for Ind tour

Legendary Pakistan captain Imran Khan has declined an invite from PCB to be a part of the team of former Pakistan cricketers, who will be the special invitees during the upcoming tour of India starting, December 25.

Pakistani Gitmo prisoner pleads guilty to murder

Majid Khan pleaded guilty to helping Qaeda plot attacks from Pakistan, reaching a plea deal with the US government.