Southeast Asian pirates on the prowl once again

A spate of daring high-seas attacks off Southeast Asia is stoking fears that its vital shipping lanes could once again become a hotspot for piracy unless regional powers act fast.

Search for Malaysian plane: As it happened

The Transport Minister says Malaysia has “nothing to hide” and all efforts are being made to find the missing aircraft, including sharing of raw radar data with the US and China.

Missing Malaysia Airlines plane search: As it happened

Malaysia Airlines has strongly defended its crew saying that airline has "no reason to believe" that any actions by the crew caused the disappearance of a jetliner.

Singapore bolsters security over terrorist threat

Singapore bolstered security and was in a state of alert on Friday after receiving information of a terrorist plot to attack vessels off the coast of the city-state in one of the world`s busiest shipping lanes.

Security raised in Malacca Strait after terror warning

Malaysia and Indonesia said on Thursday they are stepping up security in the Strait of Malacca, one of the world`s busiest shipping lanes, following the Singapore Navy`s warning of possible attacks on oil tankers.

Singapore warns of terror threat in Malacca Strait

Singapore`s Navy warned that a terrorist group is planning attacks on oil tankers in the Malacca Straits, one of the world`s busiest shipping lanes.

Burnt remains of all Taiwan tanker crew found: Malaysian police

Malaysian police on Sunday ended search and rescue efforts on a stricken Taiwanese oil tanker involved in a collision in the Malacca Strait after the burnt remains of all its missing crew were found.

Malaysian firefighters board Taiwan tanker to locate missing sailors

Malaysian firefighters on Friday boarded a stricken Taiwanese oil tanker carrying 58,000 tonnes of naphtha fuel in the Malacca Strait to locate nine missing Chinese crew members, police said.