MH370 search called off; all passengers, crew presumed dead, says Malaysia
MH370 search called off; all passengers, crew presumed dead, says Malaysia

 Malaysia on Thursday formally declared missing flight MH370 to be an "accident" and its passengers and crew presumed dead, a step that opens the door for compensation payments but is likely to hit distraught relatives hard.

No fixed date for declaring MH370 status: Malaysia

 Amid reports that authorities would declare Flight MH370 as "lost", Malaysia has said it has not fixed the date to declare the status of the plane that vanished mysteriously eight months ago with 239 people on board.

`Maps in Malaysia report indicate MH370 flew to avoid radars`

Maps released as part of a preliminary report on the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian jet indicate that the plane deliberately flew along a route to evade military radars, according to a media report.

MH370 search could take a year, authorities remain `confident`

The authorities on Thursday said that the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 will likely take eight to 12 months.

Australia says material washed ashore not from Malaysia Airlines MH370

The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet continued for 48th day on Thursday without any fresh lead as an object washed ashore western Australian coast turned out to have no connection with Flight MH370.

MH370 chills China-Malaysia `panda diplomacy`

China has postponed plans to send a pair of pandas to Malaysia next week, a minister said Friday, as bilateral relations remain uneasy over the disappearance of flight MH370.

MH370: Australian PM `very confident` signals are from Malaysian jet black boxes

Australia`s Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Friday told a press conference in China he`s very confident that the signals received in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane are from the black boxes of MH370.

Chinese MH370 relatives renew pressure on Malaysia envoy

Frustrated relatives of Chinese passengers aboard missing flight MH370 demanded answers from the Malaysian ambassador for a second consecutive day Wednesday, with some openly insulting him at a Beijing hotel.

No trace of Malaysia Airlines plane even after two weeks of search

There was no trace of the Malaysian airliner even two weeks after it went missing but searchers said weather conditions have improved in the search area in the southern Indian Ocean which is making human sighting possible now.

Malaysia says no confirmation yet of suspected jet debris

Investigators have not received evidence so far that two objects spotted by satellite in the Indian Ocean come from a missing passenger jet, a top Malaysian official said on Friday.

Science could `rewind` waves to find Malaysia jet black boxes

If two blurred objects photographed from space are confirmed as debris from Flight MH370, scientists will still face a daunting task to find and recover the sensitive recorders containing clues to the Malaysian jet`s disappearance.

Norwegian ship to continue search for Malaysia plane despite nightfall

The owner of a Norwegian car carrier said it planned to search through the night for two large objects sighted off Australia that could be debris from a missing Malaysian jetliner.

FACTBOX - Dimensions of missing Malaysian jet

Australia has said two objects up to 24 metres (78 ft 9 inches) in size have been spotted by satellite in the southern Indian Ocean, providing a lead in the search for the missing Malaysian jetliner.

`Missing plane has not led to dip in travel to Malaysia`

Over the last 15 years, India has emerged as one of the top sources of tourism in Malaysia with tourist numbers soaring from 35,000 in 1999 to 6,50,989 in 2013.

MH370: Chinese relatives refuse to abandon hope

The families of Chinese passengers aboard a missing Malaysia Airlines flight insisted that their loved ones could still be alive Thursday as Beijing said it was following developments closely.

Malaysia says need to `verify` possible Australia MH370 find

Malaysia said on Thursday that two objects spotted in the Indian Ocean gave reason for hope of a resolution to its missing plane crisis, but stressed the need to verify the claim.

Malaysia Airlines hunt: As it happened

Australian PM Tony Abbott said in the Parliament that a Royal Australian Airforce Orion has been diverted to look for the objects.

China says no sign yet missing Malaysian jet entered its territory

China has not yet found any sign a missing Malaysian Airlines jet entered in its territory, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Wednesday.

Why didn`t missing jet passengers use their cellphones?

In the age of smartphones and social media, one question surrounding the disappearance of the Malaysian airliner is why none of the passengers tried to contact relatives, as they did during the 9/11 attacks.

Searchers draw blank in southern search for Malaysia plane

Australian and American planes drew a blank Wednesday on the first full day of a search across a vast tract of the southern Indian Ocean for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.