Scientists to excavate Wyoming cave with trove of Ice Age fossils

Scientists will begin excavation early next week of an ancient Wyoming sinkhole containing a rare bounty of fossil remains of prehistoric animals, such as mammoths and dire wolves, preserved in unusually good condition, researchers said on Thursday.

Diet of large herbivores like mammoths 25,000 years ago revealed

A team of researchers has used DNA testing to give a unique view of the diet of large mammals which roamed the northern hemisphere in the last ice-age.

Hunters may have delivered fatal blow to mammoths

During the last Ice Age, shaggy mammoths, woolly rhinos and bison lumbered across northern Siberia.

Comet-impact may not have killed mammoths: Experts

A new theory suggests that a space impact may not have led to the extinction of mammoths from earth.

Climate change killed woolly mammoths: Study

A new study has revealed that the woolly mammoths died out because of dwindling grasslands.

Mammoths `warmed Earth 13,000 years ago`

Woolly mammoths helped to keep the Earth warm by filling the atmosphere with methane 13,000 years ago, say scientists.

Why mammoths vanished?

Why a majority of the huge tuskers died out toward the end of the ice age?

Woolly mammoths stayed on earth longer than thought

Woolly mammoths and prehistoric horses grazed on the North American plains several thousand years longer than hitherto presumed.