Mars Orbiter Mission: ISRO to test fire engine on September 22
Mars Orbiter Mission: ISRO to test fire engine on September 22

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is gearing up for a test fire of liquid apogee motor (LAM) inside Mangalyaan, also known as Mars Orbiter Mission, on September 22, about 48 hours ahead of spacecraft's insertion into Mars orbit.

Mars Mission completes 300 days in space
Mars Mission completes 300 days in space

In a major boost to the Indian scientific community, the Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan), on its maiden tryst with the red planet, has completed 300 days of its journey in space and is just 23 days away from reaching its intended orbit.

Mangalyaan on course, to reach Mars orbit on September 24: ISRO

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Tuesday said that “Mangalyaan”, India`s first inter-planetary mission to Mars was on its course and the orbiter would reach the Martian orbit on September 24 as per schedule.

India`s Mars mission: Mangalyaan crosses half-way mark

India`s Mars Orbitter Mission, (MOM) has crossed half the total distance of its voyage to the Red Planet since it left Earth December 1, last year.

India`s Mars Orbiter Mission completes 100 days in space

India`s first interplanetary mission completes 100 days of its voyage towards Mars today.

India`s Mars Orbiter Mission on track, 14.4 million km away from Earth

India`s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), also called Mangalyaan, is in good health, on track, and is at a distance of 14.4 million kms from Earth.

India`s Mars spacecraft covers a distance of 80 million kms

Mars Orbiter has covered a distance of 80 million kilometres and is well on its way to the Red Planet, according to the Indian space agency.

ISRO warns social networkers on fake profiles on Facebook, Twitter

The Indian space agency has warned social networkers on the fake profiles of its Mars Orbiter Mission, floating on Facebook and Twitter.

Small steps to Mars are a big leap for Indian companies

India`s Mangalyaan spacecraft was launched last month and then catapulted from Earth orbit on December 1.

India`s Mars Orbiter crosses Earth`s sphere of influence

India`s maiden mission to Mars has traversed beyond the sphere of influence (SOI) of Earth extending about 9,25,000 km in its 10-month long voyage to the red planet.

ISRO`s Mars Orbiter tracking delayed for 5 min due to S Africa thunderstorm

Two days after successfully injecting its Mars Orbiter into trans-Mars trajectory, ISRO revealed that a thunderstorm in South Africa, which struck above a ground station identified to track the "crucial moment" had resulted in a five minute delay in following the Indian mission.

ISRO`s Mars Mission enters second stage, begins journey to Red planet

Crossing a major milestone in the country`s space history, ISRO`s Mars Orbiter mission on Sunday ventured out of Earth`s sphere of influence for the first time in an attempt to reach the red planet`s orbit.

Mars Orbiter readies to leave earth`s orbit

India`s Orbiter to Mars prepares to part with mother earth soon after Saturday midnight and begin its long journey to the distant red planet coasting through the cosmos for almost 10 months, a scientist said Friday.

Mangalyaan, Maven will complement each other in Mars findings

ISRO and NASA will coordinate functions of their Mars Orbiters -- Mangalyaan and Maven -- once both get into orbit of the red planet in September next year.

ISRO performs last orbit raising manoeuvre on its Mars mission

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) today performed the last of the five orbit-raising manoeuvre on its Mars Orbiter in the early hours, raising the apogee (farthest point from Earth) of the spacecraft to over 1.92 lakh km.

ISRO`s Mars Mission back on track, orbit raised further

The fourth supplementary orbit raising manoeuvre of Mars Orbiter Spacecraft ‘Mangalyaan’ was successfully completed on Tuesday.

Frugal Mars mission launchpad for India in global space market

The Indian Space Research Organisation -- ISRO -- staged a flawless launch last Tuesday of its Mars-bound spacecraft.

ISRO successfully raises Mars Orbiter Mission`s orbit

The first orbit raising manoeuvre of Mars Orbiter Spacecraft has been successfully completed, announced Indian Space Research Organisation on Thursday.

India`s Mars Mission on track; orbit to be raised on Thursday

India has joined the big league - United States, Russia and France – with the successful launch of its most ambitious project the Mars Orbiter Mission ‘Mangalyaan’.

Experts hail `Mangalyaan` launch, say it`s time to take "broader" view

Despite criticism about the mission, the successful launch of `Mangalyaan` Tuesday saw the scientific community in the country hailing the milestone achieved by ISRO.