Honduras coup was international conspiracy: Zelaya

Manuel Zelaya ended his long exile and returned to Honduras on Saturday.

Triumphal return of Honduran ex-leader Zelaya

Zelaya`s return will allow Honduras to gain access to international aid.

Honduras` ousted leader, successor sign accord

The goal is to end the political crisis caused by the June 2009 coup.

Honduras drops all charges against ex-President

A Honduran court
has dismissed the last two remaining charges against former
President Manuel Zelaya, removing a key obstacle to his return
to the country.

Arrest warrants for Honduran ex-president dropped

Manuel Zelaya was whisked to Costa Rica in his pajamas by military in 2009.

Honduras` ousted president accepts exile deal

Ousted former president Manuel Zelaya said he would accept a deal for exile to the Dominican Republic that would ease a four-month diplomatic standoff.

Honduran ousted prez can move to Dominican Republic

The Dominican government said that it has reached a deal with
Honduras` president-elect to offer ousted leader Manuel Zelaya safe passage to the Caribbean nation.

Zelaya asks CentAm nations to overthrow dictators in Honduras

Honduras` constitutional president Manuel Zelaya has asked Central
American nations to act firmly to overthrow the dictatorship in his country and avoid the return of coups in the region.

Raul Castro slams US-backed `electoral farce` in Honduras

Cuban President Raul Castro accused the United States of helping to set up and legitimise an "electoral farce" in Honduras, in the wake of elections that didn`t include ousted president Manuel Zelaya.

Zelaya gets green light to leave Honduras

The interim government of Honduras says it would allow ousted president Manuel Zelaya to seek asylum outside Central America.

Zelaya to stay in Honduras until January-end

Deposed Honduran leader Manuel Zelaya said he would remain at the Brazilian embassy in the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa until January 27, 2010 at the latest, when his term formally ends.

Honduras president-elect to meet ousted Zelaya

Porfirio Lobo, the president-elect of Honduras, plans to meet ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya next week in Santo Domingo to begin a "political dialogue”, Dominican President Leonel Fernandez said on Friday.

Zelaya negotiating deal to leave Honduras

Mexico is working to get ousted Zelaya out of Brazilian Embassy, a refuge where he has spent nearly 3 months in a failed effort to get his office back and prevent his successor’s election.

Honduras` Zelaya to stay in Brazil embassy

Honduras` deposed president Manuel Zelaya said on Sunday that he would stay in the Brazilian embassy in the Honduran capital for as long as Brasilia allowed him to and that he would be willing to talk to the new president-elect.

US disappointed by Honduran vote on Zelaya

The US was "disappointed" that the Honduran Congress failed to restore ousted president Manuel Zelaya, but emphasised the outcome was consistent with an accord designed to end the political standoff.

Hondurans vote for post-coup president

Hondurans vote on Sunday for the first time since President Manuel Zelaya was forced out of the country in June, in elections which have divided the Americas.

Honduras vote to sideline president, enshrine coup

Sunday`s election will likely accomplish what the plotters of a coup set out to do 5 months ago: end the political career of leftist president Manuel Zelaya and replace him with a more moderate leader from Honduras` establishment.

Honduras crisis deepens after collapse of deal

Honduras sunk into further disarray after President Manuel Zelaya, ousted in a military-backed coup, said a US-brokered deal to end the nation`s four-month crisis had collapsed.

Ousted Honduran leader questions Hillary’s stand on coup

Ousted president Manuel Zelaya is asking the Obama administration why, after pressing for his reinstatement, it now says it will recognise upcoming Honduran elections even if he isn`t returned to power first.

Honduran Congress to review crisis accord on Tuesday

Lawmakers will wait until Tuesday to consider a US-brokered agreement that could return deposed president Manuel Zelaya to power, despite diplomats` pleas to not delay an end to the country`s four-month-old political crisis.