Marine debris damaging coral reefs: NIO scientist
Marine debris damaging coral reefs: NIO scientist

The increasing amount of marine debris like plastic, glass, rubber and others break or damage reef, a senior scientist said here.

China`s biggest ever algal bloom turns Yellow sea green

China’s Yellow sea has been hit by the largest ever growth of alga with vast waves of green growth washing onto it shores. It is the largest ever recorded Algal bloom recorded in China.

`Global cooling as significant as global warming`

A "cold snap" 116 million years ago triggered a marine ecosystem crisis similar to those witnessed as a result of global warming, a new study claims.

Centre may impose new conditions on KNPP to protect sea life

Government on Friday said it was open to imposing additional conditions on the Kudankulam nuclear power project, if directed by courts, to protect the marine ecosystem of the region.

Radical methods needed to save oceans, say experts

Current global efforts to counter the impact of carbon emissions are not enough, say experts, calling for a broader and more radical approach to marine management and mitigation options.

A hydrothermal seep in deep-sea ecosystem

Scientists have found equally unique, sunless habitats in cold areas where methane rises from seeps on the ocean bottom.

Russia has 25,000 undersea radioactive waste sites

There are nearly 25,000 hazardous underwater objects containing solid radioactive waste in Russia, an emergencies ministry official said Monday.