Women need legal protection from marital rape: Delhi court

Women need legal protection from marital rape and all kinds of "sexual perversity" by their husbands, a Delhi court has said, while dismissing bail plea of a man who was accused of raping and forcing his wife to indulge in unnatural sex with him.

Marital rape victim be treated equally with others: Court

A victim of marital sexual abuse cannot be discriminated against only because she is the wife of the offender and has to be treated as any other rape victim, a Delhi court has observed while denying bail to a man accused of sodomising his pregnant wife.

Parl panel backs govt decision not to accept marital rape as criminal offence

A Parliamentary panel on Friday supported government`s decision not to accept marital rape as a criminal offence, saying it could lead to "practical difficulties".

Parl panel to further examine issue of marital rape

Members of a Parliamentary panel examining a bill which seeks to amend laws on crime against women on Monday termed the issue of marital rape as a "grey area" and decided to examine it further.

Govt has responded to Verma Commission report with sensitivity

In the wake of protests by women`s groups over the criminal law ordinance ignoring suggestions of Verma Commission on criminalising marital rape and reviewing AFSPA, government defended the proposed legislation.

Marital rape can lead upto 7 years of jail: Ordinance

Marital rape will also attract stringent punishment under the ordinance proposed by the Centre.

Forcible sex with wife doesn’t amount to marital rape: Court

A man has been discharged by a Delhi court of charges of raping his wife on the ground that having sexual relation with his spouse, even forcibly, does not amount to "marital rape."

UK Muslim channel accused of encouraging marital rape

Britain’s broadcasting watchdog OFCOM has launched an investigation against the country’s leading Muslim TV channel – the Islam Channel – after it was accused of encouraging “marital rape” and promoting hatred and intolerance.

Malaysian sentenced for forcing wife to have sex

A Malaysian man who forced his wife to have sex with him has been sentenced to the maximum five years in jail, in what appears to be the country`s first successful prosecution under a new law against stop marital rape.