'Deepwater Horizon' starring Mark Wahlberg set for 2016 release
'Deepwater Horizon' starring Mark Wahlberg set for 2016 release

'Deepwater Horizon' starring Mark Wahlberg in the lead will hit the theatres in September 2016 , it has been revealed.

Mark Wahlberg's 'Shooter' to be adapted as TV series
Mark Wahlberg's 'Shooter' to be adapted as TV series

Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg's movie 'Shooter' is to become a TV series. The 43-year-old actor has teamed up with Paramount TV for the adaptation of the 2007 film, which follows a Marine sniper who becomes a murder suspect, reportedly.

Mark Wahlberg to skip brother's wedding
Mark Wahlberg to skip brother's wedding

Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg will not attend his brother Donnie's wedding to Jenny McCarthy.

Mark Wahlberg to star in film on Deepwater oil spill?

Actor Mark Wahlberg is reportedly in talks to star in a film about the Deepwater oil spill.

`Transformers 4` earns USD 53.8 million at box office

`Transformers: Age of Extinction` is ruling the US box office with USD 53.8 million collection during the Wednesday to Sunday holiday stretch.

`Transformers-Age of Extinction` earns Rs 30 crore in India

`Transformers-Age of Extinction`, that hit theatres last Friday, has earned Rs 30 crore over its opening weekend in India.

Mark Wahlberg brings kids, wife to `Transformers` premiere

Actor Mark Wahlberg brought his wife and their adorable children to the Ziegfeld Theater for the New York City premiere of `Transformers: Age of Extinction`.

Transformers review : - Average yet exciting epic fare

`Transformers: Age of Extinction` is a blockbuster man versus aliens spectacle that deals with loyalty and honour, where "human freedom is at stake and innocent people die all the time".

Mark Wahlberg loses 30kg for transformative role in `The Gambler`

Mark Wahlberg shed almost 30kg for the title character in Rupert Wyatt`s remake of `The Gambler`, it has been revealed.

Mark Wahlberg plans `Entourage` sequel

`Entourage` movie has yet to hit theaters, but producer Mark Wahlberg already has planned a sequel.

I don`t care how I look: Mark Wahlberg

Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg says he doesn`t care about his appearance. The 42-year-old `Departed` actor said he has reached a stage in his life where he isn`t concerned about how he looks any longer, reportedly.

Filmmaker Scott Kalvert of `Basketball Diaries` fame found dead

Scott Kalvert, who is best known for helming Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg starrer `The Basketball Diaries` in 1995, was recently found dead in his home in Woodland Hills.

Mark Wahlberg wants to work with Scorsese

Mark Wahlberg says that he’s been wanting to work with Oscar-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese for a very long time.

Mark Wahlberg set to host 2014 Kids` Choice Awards

Mark Wahlberg has been roped in to host Nickelodeon`s 27th Annual Kids` Choice Awards.

Mark Wahlberg to retire from acting?

Actor Mark Wahlberg, who recently delivered the hit film “Lone Survivor”, doesn’t wish to act all his life.

Wahlberg furious over actors comparing themselves to soldiers

Actor Mark Wahlberg, who plays an American Navy SEAL in his latest movie `Lone Survivor`, lashed out at actors who compare their struggle with that of a soldier.

Mark Wahlberg jealous of daughter`s love for Harry Styles

Actor Mark Wahlberg, whose two daughters love One Direction band and particularly singer Harry Styles, joked that Harry`s "going to get it" when they meet.

I'm the best white rapper-turned-actor: Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg considers himself the best white rapper-turned actor and has placed himself ahead of Grammy Award winner Eminem.

Mark Wahlberg almost missed out on working with Leonardo DiCaprio

Mark Wahlberg says he almost missed out on the opportunity of working with Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio in `The Basketball Diaries` after treating the latter badly at a charity event.

Mark Wahlberg`s mother doesn`t speak to him

Mark Wahlberg says that his mother Alma Wahlberg is not on talking terms with him currently.