Marshall Islands sues India, 8 others for possessing Nuclear-Arms

In a "David vs Goliath" battle, a tiny Pacific island nation today filed a lawsuit against nine nuclear-armed nations, including India, at the International Court of Justice for violating their legal obligation to disarm.

Marshall Islands says climate change behind floods

Officials in the Marshall Islands blamed climate change today for severe flooding in the Pacific nation`s capital Majuro which has left 1,000 people homeless.

Salvadoran castaway says ships ignored cries for help

The castaway who survived 13 months adrift in the Pacific cried for help as several ships passed by during his ordeal, ignoring his pleas.

Pacific leaders sign plea for action on climate change

Pacific leaders signed a declaration on Thursday committing themselves to urgent action on climate change and pleading with the rest of the world to follow their lead on an issue that threatens their existence.

Pacific leaders lay down climate challenge at summit

Pacific leaders whose nations are threatened by climate change on Tuesday opened a regional summit in the Marshall Islands with a challenge to the rest of the world to take action.

Britain `invaded 90 percent` of world`s countries: study

Britain, which held sway over India for around 200 years, has invaded almost 90 per cent of the world`s countries in its history, barring only 22 nations.

Marshall Islands plan seawall to block rising seas

The vulnerability of the Marshalls was highlighted two years ago when floods hit the eastern shore.

Oz scientist discovers world’s rarest coral

The unique coral was found during an underwater survey of Arno atoll in the Marshall Islands.

Marshall Islands Prez ousted in no-confidence vote

Marshall Islands
President Litokwa Tomeing was defeated today in a vote of
no-confidence by legislators, who are due to elect a new
leader of the western Pacific nation on Friday.