AAP`s 22-day rally from Sunday, Kejriwal to personally visit areas

AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal will start a mass rally in Delhi which will cover all 70 constituencies. During the 22-day `Jhadu Chalao Yatra`, Kejriwal will be directly interacting with people to discuss the issues in their areas.

Mass rally in support of North Korea`s threat to strike US

Thousands of North Korean soldiers, students, veterans and workers took part in a mass rally here in support of Kim Jong-un`s order to be prepared for strategic rocket strikes on the US mainland.

Bangladesh opposition holds mass rally

The opposition also called a dawn-to-dusk countrywide strike March 29 protesting the government.

Anti-Putin mass rally rocks Russia

Mass protests were triggered by widespread claim of wholesale violations in the parliamentary polls this month.

Egyptians brace for mass rally

Egyptian activists on Friday braced for a
mass rally against the ruling military`s handling of anti-regime protests that killed 17 people.

Mass rally to bring Egypt revolt `back to basics`

Egyptian activists are calling for a massive rally on July 8 to "save the revolution" that toppled Hosni Mubarak.

Ivory Coast: Pro-Gbagbo supporters hold mass rally

Alassane Ouattara rejects African Union`s latest choice to mediate crisis.

Lebanon`s pro-West opposition set for mass rally

The supporters are marking 6th anniversary of uprising against Syrian troops.

Thai `Red Shirts` stage mass rally

Thousands of Thailand`s anti-govt "Red Shirts" joined a mass rally in the latest large demonstration by the movmt in recent weeks.

Fidel Castro leads first mass rally in four years

Fidel warned about threat of nuclear war should the US or Israel attack Iran.

Mass rally in Nigeria to demand end to political uncertainty

Nigerian religious leaders, politicians and educators will lead a mass rally on Tuesday in the capital Abuja to demand the government put an end to the political uncertainty surrounding its ailing President Yar`Adua.

Mass rally on last Afghan campaign day

A sea of Afghans waving flags and championing Presidential hopeful Abdullah Abdullah staged a spectacular rally on the last day of campaigning today.