New 'designer carbon' enhances battery performance

Scientists at the Stanford University have created a new carbon material that significantly boosts the performance of energy-storage technologies.

New material could make your smartphone unbreakable
New material could make your smartphone unbreakable

Imagine a camera lens that does not get scratched in a sand storm, or a smartphone that does not break when dropped. A new transparent material that the US Navy has developed from special ceramic called spinel could make such gadgets a reality.

Newly discovered material set to change cooling industry

Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have discovered a new material that may make refrigeration and air conditioning more efficient and environment friendly.

New tough but flexible fish scale-like bulletproof clothing material for military

A team of researchers has come up with a revolutionary material that has superior anti-penetration properties while remaining flexible.

New paper-like material can boost electric vehicle batteries
New paper-like material can boost electric vehicle batteries

Researchers have developed a paper-like material that can be used to boost capacity of batteries in electric vehicles and personal electronics.

Build special ghats for religious items: NGT

The National Green Tribunal has directed Irrigation and Flood Control Department and concerned authorities to build special ghats on the banks of Yamuna where people can immerse idols and other religious offerings which will then be disposed of in a scientific manner.

New material promises higher-performance electronics

Material engineers including an Indian-origin scientist from University of Wisconsin-Madison have reported the highest-performing carbon nanotube transistors ever demonstrated - a significant leap toward creating flexible electronics with improved battery life.

Scientists create 'repulsive' material

Japanese scientists have developed a new material - Cartilage -whose properties are dominated by electrostatic repulsion - the same force that makes our hair stand on end when we touch a van generator - rather than attractive interaction.

Super material has chink in its armour: Study

Impermeable to gases and liquids, the super material graphene can be pierced by one type of subatomic particle, according to a surprise discovery hailed Wednesday as a breakthrough for fuel cell technology.

First protein microfibre engineered

Researchers have engineered the first protein microfibre which is capable of delivering a small molecule, whether it be a therapeutic compound or other material.

New class of smart, protein-based materials created

Indian-origin scientists have taken proteins from nerve cells and used them to create a 'smart' material that is extremely sensitive to its environment.

New material absorbs oxygen from air

Researchers have synthesised a material that can bind and store oxygen in high concentrations which can be released again when needed.

`Shape-shifting` material could help reconstruct faces

A new material that changes shape upon heating could help heal bone lesions caused by injuries, tumour removal or birth defects, such as cleft palates.

`Wonder material` for future LED lights

Using a material called perovskite, researchers have developed a new high-brightness LED display that is cheaper and much easier to make.

Material that can bear 160,000 times its own weight developed

Out of polymers, metals and ceramics, scientists have successfully developed and printed an ultra light material that can withstand 160,000 times its own weight.

Now, recycle your old shoes!

British scientists claim to have developed the world`s first comprehensive system for separating and recovering useful materials from old footwear.

Task force to study material recovered from Osama`s mansion

The CIA has established a task force to study the material recovered from the mansion in Abbottabad in Pakistan where al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden was hiding and killed in a US operation.

How to choose the right condom: The size, material, flavour

Condoms are available in different sizes, shapes, materials and flavors. How to choose the right condom for you?

Construction material will go to Gaza soon: Blair

Mideast envoy Tony Blair says he
expects sorely needed construction material to arrive in the
Gaza Strip within two or three weeks, now that Israel has
agreed to ease its blockade of the Hamas-ruled territory.

Scientists create near-frictionless diamond material

New study by a team of scientists has resulted in the development of a diamond-like carbon material that doesn’t wear.