Intel, McAfee to replace PC passwords with biometric authentication system
Intel, McAfee to replace PC passwords with biometric authentication system

Intel and McAfee are reportedly planning to replace computer passwords with a new biometric authentication system.

Indian teens show risky behaviour online: McAfee
Indian teens show risky behaviour online: McAfee

As a "risky behaviour", more than half of Indian teens meet people in real life whom they found online, security solutions provider McAfee said today.

McAfee promotes online voting, fears security risks

The world's largest dedicated security technology company, McAfee believes that The US and other nations should consider online voting to facilitate disabled, older people, but sees internet security as a big hurdle.

Jimmy Kimmel is Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity of 2014
Jimmy Kimmel is Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity of 2014

International comedian and host Jimmy Kimmel has topped the Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity of 2014 list, released by computer security company McAfee.

Superman tops list of 10 most toxic superhero links on internet

McAfee reveals that superman links are the most lethal out of all superhero links on Internet.

Cyber criminals entrenched in `Dark Web`: Researchers

Cyber criminals are settling into a comfortable place in the "Dark Web" where they test, refine and distribute malware for online thievery.

Indian women outrank men in filming intimate videos: McAfee

The fairer sex in India is ahead of men when it comes to capturing intimate moments on video or sending personal text messages, e-mails and photos, security software maker McAfee said today.

Data centre security, a top priority in 2014: McAfee

As increasing number of firms house critical systems with data centres, security will be their top concern during 2014, according to global IT anti-virus software maker McAfee.

McAfee set to devise gadget to thwart NSA snooping

McAfee said that the device, dubbed `Decentral`, will cost less than 100 dollars and there will be no way for the NSA to gauge a user`s location or identity.

Aquaman is the most toxic superhero online: McAfee

Cyber criminals are leveraging on the popularity of fictional superheroes such as Superman and Aquaman for stealing personal data of users through malicious softwares.

Cybercriminals hitting through fake relief fund sites: McAfee

Many fake websites seeking donations for Uttarakhand flood relief fund are emerging threat for Internet users as these are spreading malicious programmes, security solutions provider McAfee said.

Rapid rise in malware in Jan-Mar quarter: McAfee

A rapid increase was seen in malicious software programmes, mainly those targetting users of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, in the January-March quarter this year.

Gayle most dangerous cricketer in Indian cyberspace: McAfee

Cyber criminals use famous personalities in news like Chris Gayle and S Sreesanth, to lure people to websites with malicious software, a study by online security solutions firm McAfee has said.

`Sending sexts on Valentine`s could be dangerous`

Experts have warned people against sending sexy or romantic photos to their lover via email, text and social media.

Teens spend 86% of their time daily on Facebook: Survey

Indian teens spend 86 per cent of their time daily on Facebook followed by 54 per cent on Twitter, a survey by McAfee today said.

`Malware spread fastest in last 4 years; 1.5mn more in Apr-Jun`

Software security provider McAfee on Wednesday said spread of malware was the fastest in the last four years and there were 1.5 million more of such malicious software in the April-June quarter of this year.

Thousands of PCs may lose Internet access tomorrow

Thousands of computers in India, which are hit by a malicious virus DNSChanger, may lose Internet access from Monday, according to Web security firm McAfee.

`Cyber criminals may have siphoned off 2 bn euros`

Cyber criminals may have attempted to siphon off anywhere between 60 million euros and 2 billion euros in fraudulent transfers from at least 60 banks globally.

India ahead of US, Japan in PC security: McAfee

India ranked 14th on the list with 82.67 percent PCs having a basic security software solution in place.

Suffered hacker attacks from India, US: China

China`s claim followed a report by US-based security firm McAfee which said hackers were found to have broken into networks of the 72 major organisations around the world.