Evan Rachel Wood felt like meat during magazine shoot
Evan Rachel Wood felt like meat during magazine shoot

 Actress Evan Rachel Wood opened up about the uncomfortable experience she had during a photo shoot with Vanity Fair in 2003.

Kashmir flooding: Meat sells cheap, vegetables prices shoot up

 After the deluge, chicken and onions in the Kashmir Valley cost the same, as plenty of live stock lay stuck after cancellation of hundreds of marriages due to the flooding while prices of vegetables have skyrocketed.

Eat less meat to achieve global food security
Eat less meat to achieve global food security

Moderating meat consumption and cutting down on food waste are keys to reducing the dangerous effects of climate change and ensure there is enough food for all, says a significant study.

Gluten-free diet could cut type 1 diabetes risk

Researchers have shown that mouse mothers can protect their pups from developing type 1 diabetes by eating a gluten-free diet.

Antimicrobial edible films inhibit pathogens in meat

Antimicrobial agents incorporated into edible films applied to foods to seal in flavour, freshness and colour can improve the microbiological safety of meats, according to new research.

Cooking meat with beer may protect you from cancer

Beer, when used as a marinade, can help reduce the formation of potentially harmful cancer-causing substances in grilled meats, scientists have found.

Diet rich in meat and fish could boost physical and mental health in older men

A new study from Japan suggests that older men could gain a boost physically, mentally and socially, if they eat a diet rich in meat and fish.

Here are five healthy ways to eat meat

Research has shown how eating lots of meat, especially red meat, can cost our health dearly, giving rise to cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and of course the belly fat- our ever-increasing waistlines.

Meat and cheese diet could be as lethal as smoking

A new study suggests that a high-protein diet during middle age makes you nearly twice as likely to die and four times more likely to die of cancer.

Diet rich in meat and animal products as bad as smoking

A new study has revealed that smoking, diets rich in animal products, and alcohol have the strongest correlations with cancer incidence rates.

Five food items vegetarians can`t stand

Vegetarians often get to hear how boring their life is sans meat. But eating fake meat all the time simply kills the appetite. There are vegetarian dishes that no longer excite people who stay miles away from meat.

Meat, egg and dairy products necessary for brain development

The deficiency of asparagine synthetase, which is found in meat, eggs and dairy products, caused by rare genetic disorder affects development of the brain.

Meat, egg and dairy nutrient vital for brain development

An amino acid, found in foods such as meat, eggs and dairy products, is essential for normal brain development, scientists have found.

Checking prostate cancer: Eat more fish, vegetables, avoid meats

Simple modifications in food habits, including adopting a diet rich in cereals, fish and green leafy vegetables, can drastically reduce chances of prostate cancer, considered to be one of the most common cancers among men.

Recipe: Keema Matar

Easy to cook and delicious Keema Matar recipe.

IGNOU dishes out meat-processing course

The Indira Gandhi National Open University is offering a year-long distance diploma course in meat processing from its upcoming academic session in July.

Human ancestors changed diet 3.5 million years ago

It is a major question why human ancestors didn`t seriously start exploiting savanna grasses until less than 4 million years ago.

Oscar Mayer debuts `bacon hot dogs`

Oscar Mayer has combined bacon and hot dogs to make an exciting dish named `Bacon Dogs.`

Beef crisis in Goa likely to subside soon

Beef supply in Goa is expected to be normalised from tomorrow with the state-run corporation importing the meat from the neighbouring state.

Rapes will come down if people shun meat, alcohol: Agnivesh

Rape cases will come down if people shun non-vegetarian food and alcohol, activist Swami Agnivesh said on Saturday.