With the number of GATE aspirants expected to touch an astronomical 1.4 million in 2014, the IITs have decided to go online. Abhijit Chaudhari analyses the merits and demerits of the computer based test.

Soon, cell phones that recharge themselves in seconds

Scientists have designed a novel super-capacitor that could help develop cell phones that recharge themselves in seconds and work for weeks.

Now, device to simplify human DNA extraction

Scientists have developed a new hand-held device that can extract human DNA from a swab of saliva and make it ready for analysis and genome sequencing within minutes.

Anti-molester device developed by Tamil Nadu engineering student

An engineering student here has claimed to have developed an electronic device that could help girls to protect themselves from molesters by benumbing the attacker temporarily.

Mimosa `could inspire machines of the future`

Mimosa could inspire a new class of structures that can twist,harden and even repair themselves.