New drug may curb excess drinking

Researchers have patented a drug that could produce some of ecstasy's euphoric effects and at the same time limit the amount of alcohol people drink.

Scientists create 'repulsive' material

Japanese scientists have developed a new material - Cartilage -whose properties are dominated by electrostatic repulsion - the same force that makes our hair stand on end when we touch a van generator - rather than attractive interaction.

New cardiac technologies may change face of medicine in 2015

Researchers has made a lot of new cardiac technologies that will help treat the patients better in the coming 2015.

Discovery of stem cell gene switch brings regenerative medicine closer to reality

Scientists have discovered an on off switch for directing when a particular gene can perform its prescribed function.

John O'Keefe, May-Britt Moser, Edvard I Moser jointly receive Nobel Prize for Medicine

John O'Keefe, May-Britt Moser, Edvard I Moser jointly received the prestigious 2014 Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology for their discoveries of cells that constitute a positioning system in the brain at a ceremony in Stockholm on Wednesday.

'Even risk of disease forcing people to take medical decisions'

It wasn't just Angelina Jolie who went for a double mastectomy after doctors identified her genetic risk of contracting breast cancer, people in general are today using genetic risk information to make significant medical decisions, a study suggests.

Self-acupressure to help relieve constipation

 A new research shows that people who are suffering from constipation can be relieved with the help of a simple technique called self-acupressure.

Sub-standard medicine floods Afghan market: Report

Half of all medicine available on the Afghan market has either been smuggled into the country or made under sub-standard conditions in neighbouring Pakistan, according to a report released on Wednesday.

Scientists highlight culture's crucial role in achieving better health

Scientists have claimed that neglecting culture has been the "single biggest barrier" to achieving good health worldwide.

'Time to rename medicines for mental health'

In order to remove confusion for patients who could be prescribed drugs that appear to be unrelated to their condition, the world's major psychiatry organisations are proposing to completely change the terminology of the drugs used in mental disorders.

Himachal Pradesh govt warns MM Medical College over affiliation

In a stern message to private Maharshi Markandeshwar Medical College for not getting affiliation from state-run Himachal Pradesh University, a state minister today said if the management is found guilty of violations "all options are open for the government".

Why e-ciggies are so `cool` revealed

Researchers have taken a look into the popularity of e-cigarettes.

Stiff arteries alone can cause high BP: Study

In what could open a new debate on what actually causes high blood pressure, a team of scientists have suggested that stiff arteries can be the main culprit.

Measles virus to treat cancer?

Viruses are known to cause diseases. But can they also cure a life-threatening one? Yes, measles virus can potentially be used to cure cancer, a promising research reveals.

Swine flu claims first life in Kota this year

Swine flu claimed its first victim in the city this year with the death of a 25-year-old man at a private hospital today, health officials said.

Admission Alerts

Here are some vital info regarding admissions into prestigious arts, management, law and medical colleges.

Admission alert

The National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad opens admissions for Graduate Diploma Programme in Design (4 years).

Pharmacist dismissed for stealing medicine from govt hospital

Punjab Health and Family Welfare department today dismissed a pharmacist for allegedly stealing medicines from government hospital and selling them to private clinics.

IIT-Kharagpur plans to offer courses in medicine

The Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur is considering a tie-up with leading bio-medical research institutes abroad as part of its plans to offer medical programmes without changing the IIT Act, its director said.

Rs 50 lakh medicine gutted as shop catches fire in Ludhiana

Medicines worth over Rs 50 lakh were gutted after a major fire broke out on Sunday at a wholesale chemist shop in Pindi Street area in Ludhiana.