Clooney looking for `love nest` in French Riviera with Amal Alamuddin

George Clooney is reportedly planning to buy a large house on the Mediterranean Sea to stay with Amal Alamuddin .

Israel says upgraded Arrow missile shield passes second flight test

The US-backed Arrow III will deploy "kamikaze" satellites that track and slam into ballistic missiles above the earth`s atmosphere.

Earthquake shakes Mediterranean coast of Turkey

A magnitude-6 earthquake has struck in the Mediterranean Sea, south of the Turkish province of Antalya. No damage or casualties were reported.

Italy launches sea patrol as Sicily declares emergency

Italian warships rescued 290 migrants in the Mediterranean and Sicily declared a state of emergency as Rome launched a huge patrol operation to scare off people-smugglers.

Dozens dead in new Mediterranean migrant tragedy

More than 140 survivors, plucked from the sea after their overloaded boat sank in the latest deadly migrant tragedy to hit the Mediterranean, arrived in Malta today.

Russia sends another Navy ship towards Syria

Russia is sending the naval landing ship Nikolai Filchenkov to the eastern Mediterranean, state news agency Interfax said.

US Navy redeploys ships in Mideast

The US Navy has redeployed warships in the Middle East for any potential strikes against Syria, defence officials said on Tuesday.

Russia deploys warships in Mediterranean Sea

Russian Navy will conduct a routine ships rotation early September in the Mediterranean Sea, the country`s defense ministry has said.

1,500-year-old wine factory unearthed in Israel

Archaeologists have uncovered a 1,500-year-old wine-pressing complex, which exceeds 100 square metres in area, in Israel among the ruins of an ancient Byzantine settlement.

Russia to send permanent navy fleet to Mediterranean

The Russian Navy would station a permanent task force in the Mediterranean Sea, Admiral Viktor Chirkov said here Sunday.

Solar powered plane flies over Mediterranean for its last rehearsal

A solar powered plane takes off for its “last rehearsal” before a round-the-world attempt in 2014.

Mediterranean Sea invaded by hundreds of alien species

A new study has revealed that the coastal environments of the eastern Mediterranean Sea have been invaded by more than 900 new alien.

Iran says its warships have left the Mediterranean

Two Iranian warships, which
entered the Mediterranean last month, have passed into the Red Sea.

Mediterranean Sea filled in less than two years: Study

The Mediterranean Sea was mostly filled in less than two years in a dramatic flood around 5.33 million years ago in which water poured in from the Atlantic, according to a study published Wednesday.