Annotated `Mein Kampf` looks set for publication

Germany`s Bavaria state signalled today it would not seek to prevent the publication of an annotated version of Adolf Hitler`s manifesto "Mein Kampf" in an apparent about-face.

Adolf Hitler had listed his occupation as writer in 1932

Adolf Hitler had once listed his occupation as an author in a 1932 directory of addresses of people residing in Munich, it has been revealed.

North Korea refutes Hitler’s memoir distribution reports

North Korea has denounced the report as a ‘smear campaign’ and issued a harsh retort threatening to kill those behind it.

Probe launched into Hitler wine bottles in Italy

Wine bottles featuring Adolf Hitler on the label have been called "offensive" after complaints from US tourists in the Italian city of Garda.

German court bans `Mein Kampf` excerpts

Mein Kampf was written by Adolf Hitler after he was jailed following a failed plot in Bavaria in 1923.

`Mein Kampf` copy signed by Hitler fetches £21k!

A signed copy of Adolf Hitler`s infamous manifesto ‘Mein Kampf’ has fetch 21,000 pounds at an auction.