Now, chocolates that don`t melt even in scorching heat!

New `temperature-tolerant chocolates` that don`t melt even at 40 degree Celsius have been developed by confectionery giant Cadbury, which will soon be available in hot-weather countries like India.

Arctic ice melt likely to stabilise

Arctic sea ice, which seems fated to melt in response to warming climate, might stabilise or even expand over the next few decades.

Sugar does not melt, it decomposes: Study

Sugar doesn`t melt, it decomposes, a new study by University of Illinois researchers has revealed.

Polar ice melt ``accelerating rapidly, raising sea level``

The study suggests that ice sheets have become "the dominant contributor to global sea level rise.

Is El Nino causing ice to melt at South Pole?

Scientists believe that the climate phenomenon El Nino may be causing ice at the South Pole to melt.

Russian fires may melt Arctic ice

Russian soot may stoke global warming by hastening a thaw of Arctic ice, environmental experts say.

Amarnath cave lingam melts: Sources

The naturally formed ice lingam of
Lord Shiva in South Kashmir Himalayas has melted.

Glaciologist demands apology from Pachauri for `voodoo` remark

India`s senior-most glaciologist
V K Raina today said the chief of the UN climate body should
apologise to the scientist fraternity for dubbing their work
on melting of Himalayan glaciers as "voodoo science".

Vast expanses of Arctic ice melt in summer heat

The Arctic Ocean has given up tens of thousands more square miles of ice on Sunday in a relentless summer of melt, with scientists watching through satellite eyes for a possible record low polar ice cap.

How to make ice melt at -180 degree Celsius

A team of scientists has determined that ice can be melted at –180 degree Celsius if the ice crystals contain just 48 water molecules.