Top five mental health concerns in men!

Top five mental health concerns in men!

Top five mental health concerns in men!

Eat nuts to cut mortality risk from prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed and second most lethal cancer for men.

Why men make excuses to see doctors!

Men can spend 34 hours golfing or watching a ball game every week, or find the time to take a trip to Vegas with their buddies, but they cannot spare 90 minutes a year to get a check up.

Overweight men at increased risk of prostate cancer

 Men should try to maintain a healthy weight as researchers have found that higher body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference are associated with an increased risk of aggressive prostate cancer.

Sexist video games hamper empathy in men for women

Sexist video games hamper empathy in men for women

Young male gamers who strongly identify with male characters in sexist and violent video games show less empathy towards female violence victims in real life, say researchers.

Fiat used by Pope in New York fetches $300,000

Fiat used by Pope in New York fetches $300,000

A four-door hatchback Pope Francis used while visiting New York in September has fetched $300,000 at auction, said the website that held the sale.

Medical students at higher alcohol abuse risk: Study

 A team of US researchers has found that medical students, especially who are young, single and under high debt are twice as likely to abuse alcohol than their peers who are not attending medical school.

Infertility puts men at increased risk of metabolic diseases

A new study has found that almost one-third of men with fertility problems are at an increased risk of developing metabolic diseases as they age.

Women experience more neck pain than men

The study adds to the growing body of research on the differences in which men and women experience pain.

28% women not satisfied with salary, against 22% men: Report

Around 28 per cent of working women in India are not satisfied with their salary as compared to 22 per cent men, according to a study by Michael Page India.

Wear your tuxedo right - here's how

Wear your tuxedo right - here's how

 The Oscars red carpet saw the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Eddie Redmayne and Ryan Seacrest flaunting tuxedos. If you plan to follow in their footsteps, it's advisable to match the right formal shoes and opt for a bow-tie over a regular one, says an expert.

Indian men have shorter lives than women

The survey, conducted by International Society for Men Health, also stated that one in two men, while one in three women, will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.  

Time for law to protect men from false rape cases: Court

It is time now to have laws to protect and restore the dignity of men charged with false rape cases as everyone is just fighting to protect the honour of women, a Delhi court has said.

This `pop quiz` can help predict STI risk in women

A team of researchers has come up with an app that can help reduce the sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates among women.

Beat this! You just can't have more than 200 friends on Facebook

Beat this! You just can't have more than 200 friends on Facebook

According to an interesting research, the average number of real close friends people have on the social networking site is less than 200.

London: If someone claims that he or she has over 1,000 friends on Facebook, he or she is probably lying.


According to an interesting research, the average number of real close friends people have on the social networking site is less than 200, and here too women triumph with more genuine friends than men.


According to psychologist professor Robin Dunbar from the University of Oxford who conducted two surveys, among regular social media users, the average number of friends they had on Facebook was 155 in the first survey and 183 in the second.


Women had more friends than men (in the first sample, women averaged 166 and men just 145 friends; in the second, it was 196 vs 157) while - perhaps unsurprisingly - older generations had fewer friends than younger ones, Dunbar found.


According to him, social media certainly help to slow down the natural rate of decay in relationship quality that would set in once we cannot readily meet friends face-to-face.


"But no amount of social media will prevent a friend eventually becoming 'just another acquaintance' if you don't meet face-to-face from time to time,” Dunbar explained in a paper published in Royal Society Open Science journal.


"There is something paramount about face-to-face interactions that is crucial for maintaining friendships. Seeing the white of their eyes from time to time seems to be crucial to the way we maintain friendships,” he added.


Offline, research has given rise to what's called the Social Brain Hypothesis. This says that our brain's ability to process multiple relationships creates a natural group size of 100-200 people for humans.


This size is also constrained by the time required to maintain relationships - we only have so much time to devote to meeting or talking to people.


Social media may seem to be a way to make and maintain hundreds of friendships.


It has been suggested that social media might overcome the constraints because posts, tweets and pictures allow us to talk to many more people at the same time even if the interaction is not direct.


This prompted Dunbar to carry out two surveys of more than 3,300 people to see whether using the Internet really means we can have more friends.


The first survey group, made up of regular social media users, considered only 28 percent of their Facebook friends to be “genuine” (close) friends.


While a few people did have much larger groups of online “friends” on Facebook, they had similar sized support and sympathy groups to others.


This suggests that when social media seem to allow someone to have more friends, it is because looser acquaintances were being included in the 'friend' category.


"The research shows that face-to-face interaction is essential for truly authentic relationships and that shares, selfies and 'likes' are no replacement for the bonding that takes place while sharing food, experiences and anecdotes,” informed Sue Fudge, director at Dorset bakers Thomas J. Fudge's.

Men over 30 outdoing women with selfies: Study

Men over 30 outdoing women with selfies: Study

The study conducted by Selfiexploratory helps one explore and compare global selfie trends.

Wage gap linked to greater depression among women

Women who earn less than their male counterparts despite having equivalent education and work-experience are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety disorder as compared to men, says a study.

2 men charged in Internet rape video case in southern France

Two young men  were charged with "aggravated gang rape" of an 18-year-old girl and  diffusion of pornographic images.

Girly porn turns on straight women too

Girly porn can also arouse even 'straight' women.

Norway varsity study says men find the direction, women remember the place

Carl Pintzka, doctor and PhD candidate at the Institute for neuroscience at University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Norway, has conducted a study with about 40 men and women testing their memory and sense of direction.