Tiny molecule can help treat mental disorders

The badly needed anti-depressants could be a few steps away as researchers have identified a molecule that acts on the serotonin-producing nerve cells.

Why women suffer from depression more than men

Women are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety-related disorders because the sex hormone oestrogen drives more blood to the heads of young women compared to men.

Falling stock prices trigger mental disorders: Study

Obsessed with stock prices? You run a greater risk of suffering from mental disorders, warns a new study.

Five must follow lifestyle rules to reduce dementia risk

Regular exercise, not smoking, a healthy diet, having a low alcohol intake and maintaining a low body weight slashes the risk of dementia by at least 60%.

Mental disorders, not combat, tied to military suicide: Study

Mental disorders including depression and alcohol abuse were linked to a higher risk of suicide among current and former military personnel but combat exposure and number of deployments were not.

Yoga may help fight major mental disorders

Yoga, the 5,000-year-old Indian practice, has positive effects on mild depression and sleep complaints, even in the absence of drug treatments.

Test tube babies not at increased risk of developing mental disorders

Whether a child is conceived naturally or in a Petri dish has no bearing on the child`s mental health, a new research has suggested.

New mental health bill to ban electric shocks

The right of mentally-ill patients to decide their mode of treatment, decriminalising suicide for them and a ban on electric shock treatment without anaesthesia are some of the provisions of the new mental health bill.

World`s first digital brain being built to study mental disorders

A South African neuroscientist is building the world`s first digital brain in order to uncover new information on mental disorders.

Brainwave training may be used to treat mental disorders

Researchers in Canada have found that training of the well-known brainwave in humans, the alpha rhythm, enhances a brain network responsible for cognitive-control.

Childhood trauma can bring on heart disease

The effect of trauma in infancy and early childhood can saddle one with mental disorders and heart disease later in life, says a new human and animal research.

World Mental Health Day: All about mental disorders

World Mental Health Day, celebrated annually on October 10, is a global awareness program about various mental health issues.

Trauma switch protecting us from fear identified

Researchers have identified a trauma switch that protects us from developing irrational and uncontrollable fear.

Premature babies more likely to suffer mental disorders

Babies who are born prematurely may have an increased risk of a range of mental health problems.

Now, a technique to detect teens at risk of mental disorders

A new technique can identify teenagers who are at greater risk of developing metal disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Anxiety, other disorders more common in autism

Anxiety, speech problems and seizures are more often seen in elementary school kids and teens.

Mental Disorders

Mental Disorders: Massage Sesame seed oil / Ghee (Clarified Butter) gently on the forehead, scalp regularly any time of the day or do it at night, next morning do shampoo. And / Or Soak 2-5 almonds over night in the water, next morning, remove skin of almonds and have it.

Stress effects normal brain function

A new animal study has suggested that early life stress effects normal brain function.

Stress effects normal brain function

A new animal study has suggested that early life stress effects normal brain function.

Mental disorders major health issue in China

A national survey has found that mental disorders are becoming a major public health problem in China, with about 17.5 percent of Chinese adults suffering from different forms of the illness.