Mark Zuckerberg says 'The Social Network' movie was 'kind of hurtful'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently spent a good one hour answering curious questions from users of his social network.

Now, Facebook stickers can be used in wall posts, comments, events

Facebook's famous stickers which have been a hit in the Messenger app, personal chats and group messages, can now be used in wall posts, comments and events.

Messenger app: Facebook blackout on August 22?

Amid reports that Facebook`s Messenger app would be able to spy on users, an event has been organised inviting them to deactivate their accounts for 24 hours starting Friday, August 22 at 18:00 GMT in protest against the social networking site.

Facebook `forcing` messenger app users

Soon, you will be "forced" to download and use Facebook messenger app as you log on to the popular social networking site.

Facebook finally launches `dislike` button for Messenger app

Facebook has updated its Messenger app that includes a `dislike` button.

Facebook releases updated Messenger for iOS and Android

Facebook has reportedly released a latest version of its Messenger app for iOS and Android which looks more like any other chat app than something specific from the social media giant.

Facebook testing calls with Messenger app on Apple`s iPhone

Facebook will be testing phone calls via its Messenger app for iPhone in America.

New Facebook app to allow free voice calls to friends

Facebook is preparing to launch a new feature for its Messenger app which allows users of the social networking site to place free voice calls to friends.

Facebook rolls out new messenger app

Facebook has rolled out its new messenger app, allowing mobile phone users without Facebook account to sign up the service with a phone number.

Facebook messenger app to feature Skype video chat

Social networking giant Facebook’s messenger app will soon include a Skype video chat function, according to a report.