Quadrantid meteor set to sparkle night sky on weekend with 2015's first meteor shower
Quadrantid meteor set to sparkle night sky on weekend with 2015's first meteor shower

Quadrantid meteor shower will make this weekend's night sky sparkle, making it the first meteor shower of 2015.

Celestial treat: Leonid meteor shower to peak across US East coast tonight
Celestial treat: Leonid meteor shower to peak across US East coast tonight

Skygazers are in for a surprise as the best view of Leonid meteor shower is set to be visible across the US East coast on Tuesday night.

Comet flyby of Mars changed chemistry of atmosphere: NASA

Last month, an exotic deep space comet flew by Mars and unleashed an unexpectedly strong meteor shower that briefly changed the chemistry of the Red Planet`s upper atmosphere, NASA said Friday.

Brand new meteor shower may light up Earth`s sky today

Earth will travel through a fresh stream of comet dust early Saturday, possibly creating a gallery of shooting stars for night-time sky-watchers, astronomers said on Friday.

You are invited for a spectacular meteor shower!

If you do not have a telescope or binocular, do not worry as a meteor shower is something that anyone can enjoy. You may not like to miss the spectacular show of the Eta Aquarids around May 6.

Scientists probe meteor link to Argentina explosion

Scientists said Tuesday that a meteor crashing to earth could explain reports of an explosion in the Argentine countryside some 350 kilometers (250 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires.

Perseid meteors to cause `celestial pollution` during meteor shower

When the Perseid meteors streak across the sky this weekend, these awe-inspiring "shooting stars" will leave behind a trail of what is known as "Celestial Pollution".

Meteor shower as Earth hits belt of comet debris next week

Stargazers will be treated to a spectacular fireball show early next week when Earth hits a belt of comet debris known as the Perseids, astronomers say.

Perseid meteor shower set to light up sky on Aug 11 and 12

The Perseid meteor shower is set to put on a spectacular show on the nights of August 11 and 12.

Russia sends clean-up team to meteorite-hit Urals

As part of a rescue and clean-up operation after the meteor strike, which injured around 1,200 people, a 20, 000-strong team has been sent to the Ural region.

Those aren`t meteors falling, it`s the US testing weapons: Russian leader

Russian lawmaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky, said that meteorite fragments had not rained down on Russia but resulted from US weapons tests.

2013`s first meteor shower peaks this week

Stargazers can celebrate the New Year with a celestial fireworks display as the first meteor shower of 2013 will kick off the year’s night sky events this week.

Geminid meteor shower to grace night sky today

In what is the last sky show for 2012, cosmic fireworks will on Thursday night fascinate skygazers as the Geminids meteor shower will be at its peak.

Meteor shower to peak Tuesday night

A celestial Diwali is in store for star-gazers who can look forward to see fireworks in the sky in the form of meteor showers tomorrow night.

Orionid meteor shower peaks over weekend to skygazers` delight

The annual Orionid meteor shower, that occurs every year in mid-to-late October, peaked over the weekend much to the delight of astro-enthusiasts here.

Orionid meteor shower to peak this weekend

This year the Orionid meteor shower can be best viewed in the several hours around midnight October 20 and before dawn on October 21, it has been revealed.

`Meteor shower` sighted over UK

A display of bright objects streaking through the sky on Friday night has been reported from the northern parts of the United Kingdom.

Minivan-sized meteor packed explosive power

Scientists say a giant fireball that exploded in daylight over California`s Central Valley over the weekend was a rare phenomenon and much larger than most meteors.

Explosion, fireball reported in Nevada, California

A rare daytime meteor was seen and heard streaking over northern Nevada and parts of California on Sunday.

Quadrantids meteor shower to delight astro buffs

The New Year will start for astro enthusiasts with fireworks as a meteor shower peaks Wednesday night.