How the earth underground resists missile attack

 Hit hard by a missiles or meteor, materials like soil and sand actually get stronger to resist the force from penetrating deeper underground, says new research.

Massive meteorite impact area discovered in Australia

 A massive impact area from a huge meteorite that struck the Earth millions of years ago has been found in central Australia, scientists said Monday.

Kerala 'fireball in the sky' was most probably a meteor, say authorities

A prelimnary examination by scientists has revealed that the 'fireball', which streaked across the Kerala sky triggering panic in several disitricts a day ago, could be a meteor.

Quadrantid meteor set to sparkle night sky on weekend with 2015's first meteor shower
Quadrantid meteor set to sparkle night sky on weekend with 2015's first meteor shower

Quadrantid meteor shower will make this weekend's night sky sparkle, making it the first meteor shower of 2015.

Scientists probe meteor link to Argentina explosion

Scientists said Tuesday that a meteor crashing to earth could explain reports of an explosion in the Argentine countryside some 350 kilometers (250 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires.

City lights dampen Draconids meteors show

City pollution and lights dampened the hopes of stargazers who could witness only some Draconids meteors streaking across the skies in the wee hours on Wednesday.

Baseball-sized meteor blows up over Alabama

A baseball-sized meteor blasted over the southeastern United States on Monday night, creating a bright streak of light, a sonic boom and a ruckus on Twitter, officials said on Tuesday.

Meteor lights up sky over southern US

NASA officials say brilliant lights and loud booms reported across the southern US came from a meteor.

Moon meteor blast was visible to naked eye: NASA

NASA has revealed that a boulder-sized meteor slammed into the moon in March, causing an explosion so bright that it was visible to the naked eye on Earth.

Watch video: Meteor causes biggest lunar explosion ever recorded

NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office witnessed the most powerful meteor strike on the moon ever recorded since the program began eight years ago.

`Fireball` meteor streaks across US sky

NASA has said that the large vibrant meteor which shot through the US sky shortly after 7:50 pm on Friday appeared to be "a single meteor event."

Meteorite that hit Russia millions of years old

A meteorite that entered Earth`s atmosphere and slammed into Russia`s Urals in february had broken off from a large asteroid and collided with another space body several million years ago.

Russia to build anti-meteorite shield

Russia would build a system to protect the Earth from meteors and other space debris, Russian federal space agency Roscosmos said on Tuesday.

Meteorite perfume to be launched

Authorities in the Chelyabinsk region, which was hit by a meteorite Feb 15, have announced plans to launch a new perfume with the scent of the celestial body, which brought the Urals city to international fame.

Origin of Russian meteor tracked down

A team of astronomers from Colombia has traced the origin of the meteor that struck central Russia earlier this month injuring about 1,000 people.

Russia`s Chelyabinsk recovers from meteor crash

Emergency services have repaired most of the damage caused by a meteor that shook Russia`s Chelyabinsk region.

Russians believe meteor strike could have been UFO or God`s message

A recent newspaper poll found that nearly half of its readers believe that the meteor strike in Russia could be anything from a divine message to UFOs to a US weapons test.

Russian meteor damage estimated at over $30 mn

Russian authorities estimate that the meteor that entered the Earth`s atmosphere and exploded in the sky over the Ural Mountains region caused more than $30 million in damage.

Russian meteor exploded with force of 30 Hiroshima N-bombs

The meteor that streaked across the Russian skies on Friday, injuring around 1,200 people, exploded with a force 30 times greater than the Hiroshima nuclear bomb, NASA scientists say.

Friday`s meteor and asteroid `once in 1,000-years event`

As scientists were gearing up to witness an asteroid`s closest ever approach to Earth on Friday, a sizeable meteor exploded over Russia, causing thousands of injuries and major damage to buildings.