Security Council delegation visits Haiti

United Nations Security Council members arrived in Haiti on Friday for a three-day visit to urge the government to hold long-delayed elections in order to stem a mounting political crisis.

Haiti announces new government, cabinet to be sworn in Monday

Haitian President Michel Martelly announced the formation of a new government via Facebook late Sunday in a bid to rescue the impoverished Caribbean nation from political crisis. 

Haiti leader installs new prime minister

Haiti's President Michel Martelly swore in as the country's new prime minister Evans Paul, a political opponent who was chosen after last month's resignation of Laurent Lamothe.

Haiti remembers quake dead amid political crisis

 Haiti marked the fifth anniversary Monday of the massive earthquake that ravaged an already desperately poor nation, even as it sought a way out of its latest debilitating political crisis.

UN Security Council envoys to visit Haiti

 UN Security Council ambassadors will travel to Haiti this month for a first-hand look at the political situation following a decision to draw down the UN mission there.

Haiti leader names Evans Paul as new prime minister

Haitian President Michel Martelly on Thursday named veteran politician Evans Paul prime minister to lead a new government, as he seeks to defuse a crisis over long-delayed elections.

Haiti awaits new government after prime minister resigns

A caretaker government was running Haiti on Monday after the weekend resignation of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe plunged the Caribbean nation into uncertainty as political forces jockeyed to fill the void.

Haiti opposition cautiously welcomes PM`s resignation

Haiti`s emboldened opposition welcomed the resignation Sunday of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, who faced repeated calls to go over the failure to hold legislative elections in the past three years.

Haiti prime minister resigns amid political crisis

Haiti`s Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe announced his resignation early Sunday, following repeated calls for him to step down amid anti-government protests and a political crisis in the impoverished Caribbean nation.

Haiti Prime Minister 'ready to resign', says President

Haiti`s Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is ready to resign to help end the country`s political impasse, President Michel Martelly said Friday in the face of widespread government protests.

Haiti opposition meets with US ambassador

US Ambassador to Haiti Pamela White has met with opposition leaders seeking an end to the rule of President Michel Martelly.

Haiti postpones legislative, municipal elections: Official

Haiti`s government announced it was postponing long-delayed legislative and municipal elections that had been due to be held Sunday, triggering protests by thousands of angry would-be voters.


Thousands call for elections in Haiti

Thousands of Haitians took to the streets of the capital Port-au-Prince to demand that President Michel Martelly step down and new elections be held.

Protesters close major street in Haiti capital

President Michel Martelly`s critics have closed a major thoroughfare in Port-au-Prince.

Haiti marks fourth anniversary of quake that killed 250,000

Haiti marked four years yesterday since a violent earthquake shattered the impoverished nation, which is still struggling to recover from the widespread devastation that killed 250,000 people.

Haitians take to streets in anti-government protests

Thousands of young Haitians have demonstrated in several cities demanding that President Michel Martelly step down.

Anti-government protesters march in Haiti

Thousands of critics of Haiti`s President Michel Martelly have staged protest marches that turned violent as people threw rocks and shots were fired in the air.

About 2,000 Haitians attend anti-government march

The protesters called today for the departure of President Michel Martelly as they marched past Port-au-Prince`s cinderblock shanties and burned piles of tires.

New President takes power in struggling Haiti

Michel Martelly promised to rebuild Haiti`s earthquake-devastated capital.

New Haiti President calls for `collaboration`

Michel Martelly may ask Unity`s Jean-Max Bellerive to stay on as Haiti`s PM.