UN urges Lebanon election as soon as possible

The UN Security Council is urging that Lebanon hold its presidential election "as soon as possible."

No president for Lebanon as deadline looms

Lebanon`s parliament failed to pick a new president on Thursday during a session seen as a last-ditch effort to elect a new head of state, two days before President Michel Suleiman`s six-year term expires.

Lebanese president urges Hezbollah to leave Syria

Lebanon`s President Michel Suleiman on Saturday urged Hezbollah to withdraw its forces from Syria to avoid future repercussions on the tiny Arab state that suffered through 15 years of its own civil war.

Lebanese parliament fails to elect president for 4th time

The Lebanese parliament failed Thursday for the fourth consecutive time to elect a new president to replace incumbent Michel Suleiman, whose term ends May 25.

No one to replace Incumbent President Michel Suleiman in Lebanon

The Lebanese parliament failed Wednesday for the second consecutive week to elect a new president to replace incumbent President Michel Suleiman whose term ends May 25.

Lebanon`s army target of terrorist attacks: President

Lebanese President Michel Suleiman said Sunday that he believes the Lebanese army is being targeted through "terrorist attacks."

Pope elevates six cardinals, including Indian, to choose successor

Six new cardinals, including an Indian, joined the elite club of red-robed churchmen who will elect the next pope.

Lebanon postpones talks on new government by a week

Hezbollah ministers and allies brought down the Lebanon government last week.