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Indian-origin scientist develops paper microscope

Last Updated: Wednesday, April 02, 2014, 21:46

An Indian-American scientist Manu Prakash from Stanford University has developed an incredibly low-cost microscope made almost entirely out of paper.

Mobile phone camera turned into mini-microscope for low-cost diagnostics

Last Updated: Friday, December 06, 2013, 17:03

Researchers have used novel techniques to modify inexpensive imaging devices, like a webcam selling for ten euros and a mobile phone camera, into a mini-microscope.

Most Brits not enthusiastic about using internet

Last Updated: Monday, October 07, 2013, 16:33

More than half of British internet users go online without enthusiasm, a new Oxford study has found.

New microscope uses neutrons to create hi-res images

Last Updated: Sunday, October 06, 2013, 16:11

MIT and NASA researchers have devised a new microscope that uses neutrons - subatomic particles with no electrical charge - instead of beams of light or electrons to create high-resolution images.

Asia`s first electron microscope on display at Kolkata`s SINP

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 03, 2013, 22:20

Asia`s first horizontal type transmission electron built by a team of scientists from the city in the 1940s was opened for public display at the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP) in Kolkata.

Atom`s shadow clicked for first time

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 04, 2012, 17:34

Scientists have been able to click the shadow of a single atom for the very first time -- an unprecedented feat crowning efforts lasting more than five years.

X-ray microscope that enables nanovision developed

Last Updated: Sunday, August 21, 2011, 14:15

The technology could be used to look at different elements inside a material, or to image viruses, cells and tissue in great detail.

Lens-less microscope produces sharp 3-D images

Last Updated: Monday, April 25, 2011, 16:36

An optical imaging system small enough to fit onto opto-electronic chip provides variety of benefits.

Engineers invent lens for 3D microscope

Last Updated: Tuesday, March 22, 2011, 15:50

Engineers have designed a lens that enables microscopic objects to be seen from nine different angles.

Scientists develop world`s most powerful microscope

Last Updated: Wednesday, March 02, 2011, 18:04

Scientists have made world`s most powerful optical microscope that allow them to watch live viruses.

UK`s most powerful microscope unveiled at Cambridge

Last Updated: Sunday, September 12, 2010, 15:01

The most powerful atom resolving microscope in the UK has been unveiled at the University of Cambridge.

World’s smallest, lightest telemedicine microscope invented

Last Updated: Friday, April 23, 2010, 15:32

Aydogan Ozcan, a UCLA engineer, has created a miniature microscope, the world`s smallest and lightest for telemedicine applications.