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Microsoft develops its own version of Linux-based operating system

Microsoft develops its own version of Linux-based operating system

Zee Media Bureau

In a rather unconventional move, Microsoft is working on a Linux-based operating system.

Microsoft to match NT kernel with OS versions in Windows 10

Microsoft has said that the upcoming Windows 10 OS will include a change that will make the Windows NT kernel jump to version 10.0.

Microsoft releases self-satire game to sendoff Windows XP

As Windows XP moves towards its end, Microsoft has made a satirical game which fights the windows components.

Microsoft ends support to XP; opens market for Chinese firms

Computers can still run XP but it will become more insecure and prone to viruses.

Microsoft to end Windows XP support from Tuesday

The software giant has been warning users about its plans of withdrawing Windows XP support since September.

It's curtains down on Microsoft Windows XP on Tuesday

Microsoft will stop technical support for its most popular operating system (OS) Windows XP globally from Tuesday, bringing down curtains on the software giant's longest running OS.

New Microsoft OS 'Threshold' to combine Xbox, Windows, Windows Phone features

The company is also about to deliver an update to Windows 8.1, known as Windows 8.1 Update 1, in 2014.

Microsoft unveils Windows Server 2012 to power Cloud OS

The new operating system tries to integrate Cloud-based technologies within the network without compromising on security.

Microsoft launches 'new generation' Windows

The operating system is designed to run seamlessly on computers and rapidly-growing tablets.