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Seven jailed for migrant drownings

An Italian court has sentenced seven African migrants to a total of more than 120 years in prison for the drowning of at least 12 people in Mediterranean in 2015.

Europe saw huge decline in migrant arrivals in 2016: EU

Europe saw huge decline in migrant arrivals in 2016: EU

The influx of over 1 million asylum seekers into the EU in 2015 triggered the worst refugee and migrant crisis on the continent since World War II.

EU, Mali sign deal to return migrants

The European Union on Sunday signed an agreement with the Malian government aimed at enabling the return of migrants who have reached Europe`s shores, and whose asylum requests have been refused.

Merkel in Africa on trip aimed at stemming migrant flows

Merkel in Africa on trip aimed at stemming migrant flows

Merkel also underscored the need to "establish coherent cooperation" in development policy and military support in Mali, her first port of call.

Bodies of at least 85 migrants washed up in western Libya: Red Crescent

So far this year more than 40,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa to Italy.

Government's insensitive attitude over Kashmiri migrants in J&K

Watch complete news story of Taal Thok Ke about the insensitive attitude of government over Kashmiri migrants for getting detailed updates!

Turkey says next migrant transfer delayed, blames Greece

The next transfer of migrants to Turkey from Greece under a controversial deal with the EU has been postponed until later this week at Athens` request, a Turkish official said Tuesday.

Over 10,000 migrant children missing: Europol

Over one million migrants and refugees, many fleeing the conflict in Syria, crossed into Europe last year. 

Migrant arrests down one third on US-Mexico border

Migrant arrests down one third on US-Mexico border

The number of undocumented migrants detained near the United States' border with Mexico fell by almost a third in 2015, US government data showed on Tuesday.

Young migrant found dead in France

 A young migrant was found dead in a truck in the French port city of Calais on Tuesday.

Ban opens UN assembly with call for action on Europe`s migrant crisis

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday called on Europe to do more to confront the migration crisis, in his opening address to the General Assembly meeting of world leaders.

Thousands pour into Austria as migrant crisis intensifies

Thousands pour into Austria as migrant crisis intensifies

 Thousands of migrants streamed into Austria on Saturday after being shunted through Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia, as Europe`s divided nations stepped up efforts to push the wave of desperate humanity on to other neighbours.

Croatia plans to close border with Serbia if migrant wave persists

Croatia plans to close border with Serbia if migrant wave persists

 Croatia will close its border with Serbia if another 8,000 migrants enter the newest European Union member in one day, Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said on Thursday.

Hungary PM plans new migrant wall along Croatia border

 Hungary`s Prime Minister Viktor Orban hopes to build a new wall along his country`s border with Croatia to keep migrants out, he told French newspaper Le Figaro in an interview to be published Thursday.

Hungary plans anti-migrant fence along Romania border too

 Hungary plans to build a fence to keep migrants out along part of its border with Romania in addition to the barrier being erected along the frontier with Serbia, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said Tuesday.

Germany`s migrant flows endure, diverted to idyllic Bavaria

 Rolling hills give way to fog-shrouded Alpine peaks at the latest German migrant flashpoint, with war-scarred refugees unbowed by Berlin`s shock decision to impose border checks. 

WHO urges European action on migrant health

The World Health Organization on Monday called for international action to respond to the public health challenges resulting from Europe`s worst migrant crisis in decades, and urged assistance for refugees exhausted from long and perilous journeys.

Hungary launches migrant crackdown on EU border

Hungary has closed off a railway track used by tens of thousands of migrants to enter the European Union on foot, launching a crackdown promised by the right-wing government to tackle Europe’s worst refugee crisis in two decades.

Pro-migrant rallies in Europe as Hungary says EU `dreaming`

 Thousands of Europeans were expected Saturday to rally in solidarity with refugees fleeing violence and war, as Hungary`s populist premier said the migrants should come no further than camps around war-ravaged Syria`s borders.

Australia`s tough migrant policy wobbles as sympathy soars for Syrians

 Australia`s hardline policy on asylum-seekers, who have been pushed back by the boatload and incarcerated in offshore camps, is under pressure as public sympathy for Syrians escaping conflict swells in a nation built on migration.