Migrant sailboat sinks in Aegean; one dead, 15 missing

One person died and at least 15 were missing in the Aegean sea on Tuesday after a sailboat carrying migrants sank in waters between Turkey and Greece, Greek authorities said.

Migrant dies in Channel Tunnel to Britain

A migrant died on Tuesday trying to reach Britain through the Channel Tunnel, a French official in the Pas-de-Calais region said.

Central Europe urges voluntary stance on migrant numbers
Central Europe urges voluntary stance on migrant numbers

 Four central European countries on Wednesday called on the European Union to let member states decide for themselves how many migrants they will accept, instead of setting quotas.

France, Italy clash as migrant stand-off opens EU rift
France, Italy clash as migrant stand-off opens EU rift

Italy and France engaged in a war of words Monday as a standoff over hundreds of Africans offered a graphic illustration of Europe`s migration crisis.

Italy PM under fire as min probed in mafia migrant scandal

Italy's premier today rebuffed opposition demands that he sack a junior minister who is being investigated in a burgeoning scandal over mafia involvement in centres for newly-arrived migrants.

Migrant boat seized off Myanmar still at sea a day later

A boat packed with more than 700 "boat people" seized of Myanmar`s coast was still being towed at sea on Saturday, as officials gave mixed signals about its final destination.

Myanmar arrests Thai migrant boat owner: State media

 A Thai national who allegedly owned a boat that was recently discovered by the Myanmar navy crammed with more than 200 migrants has been arrested, state media said today.

Thailand says 300 "boat people" landed in recent weeks

Around 300 "boat people" have landed on Thailand`s shores in recent weeks, Sek Wannamethee, director-general of the information department at Thailand`s Foreign Ministry, said on Friday.

Suu Kyi sidesteps Rohingya migrant crisis for political pragmatism

Aung San Suu Kyi was once an unassailable champion of Myanmar`s powerless. But the opposition leader`s refusal to speak up for a persecuted Muslim minority at the heart of a migrant crisis has cast doubt over her moral force -- and even earned a gentle rebuke from fellow Nobel laureate the Dalai Lama.

Thailand to host talks on regional migrant crisis

Representatives from 17 nations will gather in Thailand Friday for talks on Southeast Asia`s migrant crisis which has seen thousands of desperate people flee on boats across the Bay of Bengal aiming for Malaysia and Indonesia.

UN chief says `other ways` than military to tackle migrant crisis

 UN chief Ban Ki-moon said Wednesday there were perhaps "other ways" than proposed EU military action to stop smugglers from shipping migrants over the Mediterranean to Europe.

EU border agency expands migrant rescue operation

The EU`s border agency said Tuesday it will expand its search and rescue operation in the Mediterranean to help cope with an upsurge in migrants trying to reach Europe, after UN chief Ban Ki-moon called on Europe to do more.

Malaysia PM calls for global support over migrant crisis

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak on Monday urged Japan and others in the global community to help tackle Southeast Asia`s migrant crisis, saying it requires "an international solution".

Saving migrant lives at sea `top priority`

United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon said Saturday that saving the lives of migrants stranded at sea in Southeast Asia should be a "top priority" as the region battles with an exodus of boat people fleeing persecution and poverty.

Indonesia believes most migrants at sea not Rohingya: Australia
Indonesia believes most migrants at sea not Rohingya: Australia

 Indonesia has told Australia that most of the migrants stranded at sea in Southeast Asia are illegal labourers from Bangladesh, not oppressed Muslim Rohingya, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said in comments published Saturday.

Migrant surge puts Italy`s humanitarian instincts to the test

 With its refugee reception facilities bursting at the seams, Italy is starting to show the strains created by thousands of people washing up every week on its southern shores.

Malaysia seeks Myanmar help on migrant 'catastrophe'

Malaysia's prime minister said on Saturday he would seek help from Myanmar to address the unfolding "humanitarian catastrophe" involving a wave of boatpeople flooding to Southeast Asia, thousands of whom are ethnic Rohingya fleeing oppression in the mainly Buddhist country.

'Notorious' human traffickers killed by Bangladeshi police

Three people-smugglers accused of trafficking thousands of people were killed in a gunfight with Bangladeshi police on Friday, officers said, days after dozens of migrant remains were found in Thailand.

Italy again calls for EU help after more migrant deaths

 Italy on Tuesday renewed its appeal to the EU for help in managing a relentless wave of migrant arrivals, after around 40 migrants died when their inflatable boat sank off the coast.

New warnings over "heartbreaking" Mediterranean migrant crisis

More than half the nearly 6,000 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean over the weekend arrived in Italy Monday as aid workers warned of no end in sight to a "heartbreaking" crisis.