Migrants stitch mouths in protest at Greek border

 Around 200 people from Iran, Bangladesh and Pakistan held protest at the Greek border after new profiling procedures left around 1,000 refugees stranded there, the UN has said.

UN chief calls for compassion towards refugees and migrants

Ban called Hollande yesterday and reiterated his condemnation of the terrorist attacks in Paris last week.

Hungary to challenge EU migrant quota plan

Hungary's parliament on Tuesday cleared the way for the government next month to challenge the EU's contentious scheme.

UN warns states against 'backtracking' on migrant commitments
UN warns states against 'backtracking' on migrant commitments

The United Nations on Tuesday called on states not to "backtrack" on pledges made to host migrants and refugees.

27 police hurt in 2 nights of unrest at Calais migrant camp

Riot police and migrants camped near the French port of Calais have clashed in overnight violence that aid workers said reflects the growing frustration of refugees' inability to smuggle themselves aboard trucks and trains bound for England.

Slovenia to tighten border, fears unmanageable migrant wave

Slovenian government has said it would take urgent measures to strengthen control of its Schengen border with Croatia, fearing an expected new wave of migrants would be scarcely manageable.

EU states pledge to move faster on migrant crisis

European Union interior ministers have agreed to deliver more quickly on their promises for tackling the migration crisis as their host called for averting a humanitarian catastrophe with winter approaching.

Hundreds of migrants rescued off eastern Greek islands

Authorities have rescued several hundred migrants from the Aegean Sea off eastern Greek islands in relatively calm waters, also reporting the death of a toddler.

EU predicts 3 million more migrants could arrive by end 2016
EU predicts 3 million more migrants could arrive by end 2016

The European Union is predicting that 3 million more migrants could arrive in the 28-nation bloc by the end of next year.

21 migrants killed in Greece boat capsize

At least 21 people were killed on Friday after two boats capsized off the coast of the Greek islands of Kalymnos and Rhodes in the Aegean Sea.

Migrants clash with police as security stepped up at French camps

French police clashed with stone-throwing migrants near the northern French port of Calais on Thursday.

5 migrants die, dozens missing after boats sink off Turkey

At least five migrants including three children, died today after four boats sank between Turkey and Greece, as rescue workers searched the sea for dozens more, the Greek coastguard said.

Germany to send 'thousands' of migrants back to Balkans

Germany will return thousands of rejected asylum applicants to the Balkans in coming months.

UN says 13.5 million Syrians need aid and protection

The United Nations is estimating that 13.5 million people in Syria are now in need of humanitarian assistance.

Turkey says migration, terror on G20 summit agenda
Turkey says migration, terror on G20 summit agenda

The G20 summit that Turkey will host in November will discuss the crisis of migration, a Turkish foreign ministry official said on Tuesday.

Germany toughens up asylum rules as migrants stream in

German will toughen up its asylum rules as it faces an unprecedented number of migrants arriving from Syria and elsewhere.

Over 100 migrants land on British base in Cyprus

Around 120 migrants crowded in two boats landed on a British sovereign base on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus on Wednesday, military officials told AFP.

Slovenia deploys troops to border as migrant exodus swells
Slovenia deploys troops to border as migrant exodus swells

Led by riot police on horseback, thousands of weary migrants marched across western Balkans borderlands as far as the eye could see as authorities cautiously lowered barriers and intensified efforts to cope with a human tide unseen in Europe since World War II.

Turkey not concentration camp, won't host migrants: PM

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Monday his country was "not a concentration camp" and would not host migrants permanently to appease the EU, which wants Turkey to stop the flow of people to Europe.

Angela Merkel in Turkey to promote EU migrant plan

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday held talks with Turkish leaders in Istanbul.