Early arrival of painted storks brings cheer to Delhi zoo

Much to the delight of bird-watchers, painted storks have descended on the Delhi zoo this monsoon, a month ahead of the expected arrival of these large wading migratory birds.

Found: How birds avoid collision with man-made obstacles

Migratory birds are able to avoid collision with man-made structures, thanks to a well informed leader who guides the flock towards smooth flight, scientists have found.

How birds avoid collision with man-made obstacles

Ever wondered how migratory birds avoid colliding with man-made structures up in the air? Social hierarchies, headed by a well-informed leader, ensure a smooth flight for these birds that naturally travel in groups, new research suggests.

12 migratory birds found dead in Hansi

Days after bird flu scare triggered an alert in the region, twelve migratory birds were today found dead at Hansi in Hisar district, about 27 km from here.

3 teenage poachers held, 7 migratory birds carcass found

Wildlife officials arrested three more teenagers engaged in poaching of migratory birds from different villages under Tangi range in Chilika wildlife division.

Bird flu: Migratory birds near Sukhna Lake under watch

A day after several geese were culled and Sukhna Lake was cordoned off following a bird flu scare, the administration today said it is also keeping a watch on migratory birds near the water body even as it assured that there was no outbreak of the disease in the city.

Delhi Govt to carry out census of migratory birds
Delhi Govt to carry out census of migratory birds

Delhi Government will soon carry out a census of indigenous and migratory birds and duration of their stay in the national capital.

People in Rajasthan village protect ponds for birds

A village in southern Rajasthan has scripted a heart warming conservation story by refusing to allow fishing or any other activity in two ponds, leaving them exclusively for birds, including migratory ones.

Saudi authorities warn against hunting migratory birds

Saudi Arabian authorities have warned citizens against hunting or coming into contact with migratory birds that are currently travelling through the country to avoid bird flu, media reported Wednesday.

Migratory Amur Falcons massacred in Manipur: Report
Migratory Amur Falcons massacred in Manipur: Report

Migratory Amur Falcons are reportedly being killed in large numbers by hunters in Tamenglong district of Manipur.

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary reopens

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary, a nearby getaway for the state capital and also a well known site for bird watchers from across the country, was reopened for visitors today, as few hundreds of birds from abroad are already setting up their nests.

Nagaland turning into 'Falcon capital' for conservation
Nagaland turning into 'Falcon capital' for conservation

With the hunters of migratory Amur Falcon birds turning into protectors, Nagaland has become the "Falcon capital" of the world, officials said on Tuesday.

Nagaland: Don't harm migratory Amur Falcons, forest department urged

The Nagaland forest department has appealed to people not to harm migratory bird Amur Falcons in the state and instead provide them with a safe passage.

Konkan Railway plans to draw migratory birds to Goa

Konkan Railway traversing 741-km long western coast from Mumbai to Karnataka has initiated a project to increase the flora and fauna around the Carambolim Lake in Goa, an official said Friday.

Long distance migration of new world birds evolved out of North America

A new study has revealed that the long-distance migration of the new world birds evolved out of North America after the researchers analysed more than 750 species of their ancestral ranges.

Climate change prompting Arctic birds to breed early

According to a study, the earlier spring seasons and snow-melt brought about by climate change are causing migratory birds that breed in the Arctic Alaska to breed sooner.

Migratory birds you can spot in Mumbai

If you live in Mumbai and haven`t yet made it to the Sewri mudflats to see the flamingoes, it`s not too late.

Migratory birds embark on homeward journey from Bhitarakanika

Migratory birds have embarked on their homeward journey from Bhitarakanika National Park in Odisha`s Kendrapara district after a four-month-long winter sojourn.

Pilikula Nisargadhama welcomes different migratory birds

People visiting the Dr Shivaram Karanth Biological Park, at Pilikula Nisargadhama, will now have the chance to see a variety of birds including the Siberian cranes.

32,000 migratory birds visit Loktak lake

More than 32,000 birds including 18 different species of migratory birds were sighted during the recent headcount at Loktak lake in Manipur`s Bishenpur district.