Anxiety can seriously hurt brain health

A new study has indicted that Alzheimer's disease can get worse if one suffers from anxiety especially for those with mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

Simple computer test to detect early signs of Alzheimer's

A simple computer test that combines thinking and movement can help detect heightened risk for developing Alzheimer's, even before there are any telltale behavioural signs of the disease, scientists say.

Cardiac disease linked with faltering brain risk

Cardiac disease is linked with higher risk of mental impairment involving language, thinking and judgment, particularly among women with heart disease, a US study shows.

Consuming cocoa may boost brain function in elderly

Eating cocoa flavanols daily may help improve mild cognitive impairment.

Changes in walking speed could signal dementia

Changes in walking speed in late life could indicate early stages of dementia known as mild cognitive impairment.

Overeating may double risk of memory loss in older people

Consuming 2,100 to 6,000 calories per day may double the risk of memory loss in older people.

Now, a quick test to detect Alzheimer`s!

The Alzheimer`s Questionnaire, which is almost 90 per cent accurate, measures mild cognitive impairment.